“The Computer Has Selected You, But I Will Decide”- Mfantsipim SHS Headmaster On SHS Admissions

The Computer selection Policy of qualified students into Senior High Schools was introduced in 2006 as a major shift from the days when Headmasters and Headmistresses had absolute control over who was admitted into their schools.

The idea was that since the computer was programmed to select only qualified candidates and also given a cut off point, the computer as a machine could not be induced to do the wrong thing.

So then it was hoped that with this new system the country could finally put behind it all the allegations of bribery and corruption during school admission seasons.

The system has not been without challenges. Yes there have been stories of over admissions, the mix up of candidates’ results and also stories of how male candidates have been sent to all female schools and vice versa.

After a little over six years of its introduction, it appears some heads of Senior High Schools are making bold to reject the Computer selection process and are reverting to the old system where the heads decided who got admitted.

Last week the Headmaster of Mfantsipim SHS was reported in the media as saying that “The Computer has selected you, but I will decide who gets admitted into this school”.

His argument was that he had a very tall protocol list to attend to and could simply not ignore the list because a computer says he should admit some other students.

He said the Protocol list came from people who the school relies on for assistance regularly and if those people are to continue to assist the school then their requests for places should also be granted notwithstanding what the Computer selection says.

We are also aware Alumni Groups, Parent Teacher Associations and Community Leaders have a large influence as to who gets admitted into these schools.

Meanwhile we recall the Minister of Education, Professor Nana Opoku Agyeman’s recent declaration that the phenomenon of protocol lists was to cease immediately. The Minister vowed to stamp her authority in making sure that henceforth no protocol lists are entertained in schools at all levels.

Well Madam Minister, listen to your Headmaster from Mfantsipim SHS.

By the way what are all these stories we are hearing about students being asked to report to their respective schools with bags of cement, buckets of azar paint, padlocks and yellow dusters? What has become of our educational system? President Mahama should move out of the first gear quickly to save the situation before it too late.

Source: The Scandal

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