Governor Okorocha And Education In Imo

2015 election is fast approaching so one is not surprise at the propaganda and pull him down campaign going on against notable politicians. Politics, as we know, is generally assumed to be a dirty game. Indeed, it is dirty in so many ways and senses to the extent that most politicians and their gullible followers often pretend against positive steps of distinguished achievers as a means of giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha the governor of Imo State is at the receiving end of so many media propaganda by people who want to see him out of government house Owerri in 2015 by all means. The latest propaganda against Rochas is that he took a loan of 73 billion naira from banks using Imo LGA allocation as collateral.Others say he is mobilizing miscreants to take to the street to protest against FG. That each recruited youth are paid N5,000. These are all lies.

The way these propagandists throw out falsehood and denigrates truth baffles me. They have embarked on mission of massive misinformation against the Imo governor because they cannot fault his programmes for Imo state. Why will Okorocha mobilize anyone to protest for him? The people love him and if the people choose to take to the street to protest on behalf of their Governor , so be it.

Okorocha requires no introduction as a leader who is diligently and humbly serving his state Imo. The ascendance of Okorocha to Douglas House Owerri as governor of a politically sophisticated state as Imo in May 29, 2011 is divine and spectacular. His achievements in office so far are also spectacular.

His leadership in Imo so far has impacted tremendously on both the state and her people. Such positive impacts include the areas of road networks, free education from primary to tertiary schools, rehabilitation of public utilities, peaceful co-existence in the state, security,health, agriculture, youth empowerment infrastructure improvements and societal re-orientation. Henceforth, on weekly basis, I will pick on one area of achievement of governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State. I will talk about education this week.

Naturally, as human being, Governor Okorocha like any other politician has his own weakness because no one but God is infallible. But whatever is Okorocha’s undoing, the fact still remains that he is doing his best to take Imo State to a greater height. A man that has declared free education from primary to tertiary school in his state so that the children of the poor can go to school should be commended. Education is very important. It helps us gain knowledge, information and interpret things correctly. Education teaches us how to lead our lives by mingling in the society and turning out to be good citizens. It makes us capable of interpreting rightly the things perceived. Education teaches us right behavior and makes us civilized people. Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. The notion that an investment in education and human capital promotes economic growth can be traced to Adam Smith (1776), the Scottish philosopher in his famous study of what constitutes the “wealth of nations”, the modern history sourcebook.

Are you aware that the man Okorocha Increased subvention to Imo State University from 57.56 million(fifty-seven million, five hundred and sixty thousand naira) to 100,000,000(one hundred million) naira monthly? Are you aware that the last administration in Imo State fixed school fees in Imo State University at 150,000(one hundred and fifty thousand naira) but when Okorocha came in he reversed it? Are you aware that the man Okorocha provided N100,000,000 (one hundred million naira )for the accreditation of courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Nursing Science in Imo State University? Are you aware that he released N138,000,000 (one hundred and thirty-eight million naira )for payment of arrears of CONTISS/CONUAS (Academic & Non-academic) staff

entitlements in Imo State University, Owerri ? Are you aware that Imo state government under Okorocha has distributed thousands of school desks to secondary schools in Imo State and has also renovated several schools in the state? Are you also aware that Governor Okorocha is building several modern secondary schools in the state? Let’s give him some credit so that he can do more.

Are you aware that Okorocha established Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies? He also secured approval of N922,000, 000 (Nine hundred and twenty two

million naira) from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) to be used for

projects in Educational Institutions in Imo State. Are you aware that Owelle Okorocha Commissioned a well-equipped Information Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory at Girls Secondary School, Ikenegbu, Owerri. He also secured approval for the establishment of National Teachers’Institute (NTI) Study Center in Imo State. 450 million naira grant has also being released to the missionary schools in the state. To make things easier for parents and guardians, the state government is also providing school desks, uniforms, sandals, books for Imo pupils. Allocation of impress is made to the authorities of all primary and secondary schools in the state for the purpose of carrying out routine maintenance in their respective schools


Hatred, manipulations, mischief, ill-feelings, evil machinations, vendetta and gossips from people like Mr Kenneth Uwadi against the Imo governor cannot erase these solid achievements. Uwadi Kenneth is hiding under the façade of being a reporter with the City News to unleash his political vendetta against Okorocha’s government. Okorocha is a listening governor, whoever has ideas on how to develop the state should come forward. Critics could always have says while the truth will eventually have its way. Next week we will talk about Okorocha and security in Imo State.

Obinna Emeka lives in Owerri and can be reached at

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