Bukom Banku: Ayitey Powers is not a boxer

Bukom BankuWBO Africa light heavyweight champion Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku has branded former light heavyweight king Ayittey Powers as a ‘Big thief’ and not a boxer

The two fighters have been at each other’s throat leading up to what could have been a possible encounter in August this year.

The fight had to be cancelled because both men failed to agree on a winner-takes-all arrangement but Powers has rescinded his decision ad says he is ready to take on Bukom Banku for free.

Reaction to Powers’ comments, Bukom Banku stated that he was ready for him any day, but referred to him as a womanizer and a thief.

“Everybody knows Ayittey Powers as a womanizer and a ‘Big Thief’. He has nothing to offer anymore to boxing” Banku told XYZ Sports in an interview

“All he does is take money from people with the promise of getting them visas to Europe and the United States but never does it” he added

“He is currently a wanted man here in James Town”

“I am ever ready for him anytime he wants to fight”

“He’s been saying this for some time now and as we speak he is in Australia claiming to be training which I know he isn’t. I Bukom Banku will stop him and prove to the whole world that I am the real Banku”.

Source: radioxyz

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