Turkey Muslims provide 105 cows to 11,400 families

cows being slaughteredSeven hundred and thirty five Muslims in Turkey supported the slaughter and distribution of 105 cows for 12 communities in Northern Region, to mark the Eid-Ul-Adha feast of sacrifice.

Doctors Worldwide, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) fronted for the Muslim philanthropists in collaboration with its local partner- Northern Ghana Aid( NOGAID).

The beneficiary communities and villages were Tugu, Woribogu, Nanton, Kumbungu, Kasuli-Yilli, Tong, Tampion and Vogu, Gumani and Tamale.

Shekhinah Medical Centre, inmates of Tamale Central Prisons and patients at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and about 11,400 families benefited from the offer.

The Chief of Tugu Andani Mahama said Muslims all over the world are brothers and sisters and therefore Turkish Eid-Ul-Adha’s support to the people of the region was in the right direction.

He said through the assistance every household in the village had a nutritious meal for the feast.

Chief Mahama appealed Doctors Worldwide and NOGAID to assist the community to get a mosque since Friday prayers are often disrupted during the rainy season.

He also called for support to facilitate education and increase literacy and knowledge among the Muslim community in Ghana.

Mr Musab Baki, Leader of the Doctors Worldwide, assured the chief that his requests would be forwarded to the authorities of the NGO for the necessary action.

Mr Mustapha Sanah, NOGAID’s Director said the collaboration of his organisation and Doctors Worldwide, which started six years ago, has brought enormous benefit to the people of the region.

He said many medical doctors from the organisation had visited the region to offer health care and support to the people. GNA

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