Sarkodie is a Small Boy to Join the Freemasons – Monte Oz Says

MonteeAfrica’s youngest critic, creative writer & TV host, Monte Oz has dropped the bomb shell. After hitting aggressively on Ghanaian bet award winner sarkodie in articles, he has now revealed the freemasons will never initiate a guy like Sarkodie.

Wondering why the Crystal TV host said so?

Interestingly, Monte Oz happens to have a very bulky idea and facts about the freemasonry. Campus Times Journal fortunately met Monte on Ghana Institute of Journalism (G.I.J) grounds, where he stood in as a judge for Mr & Miss Akwaaba 2013 last week Thursday.

In a very brief interview with Monte Oz on his view about the showbiz industry in Ghana, he stated; “The Ghana showbiz industry to him, is super fake and with that said, he doesn’t make a lot of friends with celebrities in Ghana. He then commented; if he associates himself with them he will have nothing tangible to write or talk about when the celebs go wrong”.

We proceeded by asking if he has any grumble with the fastest Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, since he’s been noted as the writer who always know how to spoil the mood of the rapper. Monte Pronounced Straightly: Sarkodie doesn’t even know me; He is a common rapper and am a common TV host. I’m just doing my trade as a communicator, who will always write & speak the fact. Sarkodie raps his heart and pains out, and I write and present my views out. As you can see, we are all doing our jobs. So we can’t call that a BEEF.

Do you agree to rumors that states, Sarkodie is Illuminati Freemason? – CTJ representative questioned the TV host again. This time, Monte lectured instead of answering the question.

He stated there is nothing like Illuminati Freemason. Monte Oz made it clear to us that; Illuminati and the Freemason are two different groups. Illuminati is an order, secretly governed by a small group of men who operate behind the scenes. They were ban & destroy so many years ago, they don’t even exist so it’s funny when I hear people speak about illuminati. Well if they still exist, I don’t know because I careless about that – Monte said. He then jumped on the freemasonry and stated confidential that, “Sarkodie is not Freemason”.

Freemasonry to most ignorant people is a satanic religion – said Monte. The grand lodge of free & accepted masons is the oldest and well-known union in the world, made public in the year 1717. Freemason is not a religion, it is a society that worships nobody but the holy bible is the center piece of the lodge. Above all you need to believe in God to join.

The aim of Freemasons is to make Good Men Better but not to make bad men good. Monte proceeded by saying; Sarkodie is not a member of the Masonic order, because if he is, he will proudly reveal it to the public with joy. Members of the grand lodge are proud and bold brothers who will never hide their identity as Freemasons to the general public. I don’t even know the council sarkodie belong, I have never seen have under any Masonic gathering where members come together as one family and I have never seen him wearing any Masonic insignia, not even on his car.

Freemasons make sure their lights shine everywhere. If you want to be one, just ask one. It takes the brave and the enlightened to join the masons, Sarkodie carries a baby heart and to me, he’s not that enlightened to join freemasons. The grand lodge of freemasons only initiates prolific and substantial humans and again Sarkodie is not one. I think Sarkodie belongs to a different fraternity, not the Freemasons. He is too little to be one. I know freemasons when I see one – Said Monte Oz.

From Monte’s answers to the questions concerning Sarkodie and freemasons, he is highly suspected to be one. Could he be Freemason?

By: Campus Times Journal


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  2. freemason is men ranging from 18 and above, so sarkodie is no a small boy to join freemason.

    • Johnny Kwame Gladstone

      roland kwarteng … Monte Oz did not say Sark. is a small boy instaed he said ” Sarkodie carries a baby heart and to me, he’s not that enlightened to
      join freemasons. The grand lodge of freemasons only initiates prolific
      and substantial humans and again Sarkodie is not one…… He is too little to be one….. Means he is not brave enough to be one .