Ahmadis celebrate Eid-ul-Adha

Mr. Ebenezer Teye Addo, Western Regional Minister, on Tuesday said the government had not lost sight of its responsibilities towards the development of Muslim communities and other communities.

He said this in an address read for him during Muslim prayers to mark Eid-ul-Adha at Effiakuma near Takoradi.

Mr. Addo said community members, however, had to help themselves to come out of their hardships by sacrificing some of their resources into a number of development projects in their communities.

“You must all help to overcome problems in Muslim communities which border on poverty and illiteracy”, he said.

Mr. Addo urged Muslims to give their children secular education to make them competitive on the job market and to assist to break the chain of poverty and illiteracy.

He said in this direction, every Muslim parent must provide the needed resources of their children at all levels of the education.

Mr. Addo appealed to Muslim clerics and leaders to consider establishing education endowment fund in their communities to award scholarships to brilliant but needy children.

He called on Muslims to respect and protect the lives and properties of Muslims and non-Muslims alike adding, “It is necessary for Muslims to consider as sacred and honour the lives and properties of their fellow human beings”.

“We should, therefore, condemn in absolute terms all forms of terrorists attacks and persecutions that are being perpetrated in certain parts of the world against fellow human beings in the name of religion or Islam,” Mr. Addo said.

He said Muslims must also abhor fanaticism in all its forms since it breeds violence because Islam means obedience, submission and peaceful co-existence.

Maulvi Ather-u-Zaman Farooqui, Western Regional Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, said the celebration of Eid-ul Ahda, said Muslims must submit their whole life to Allah and to be honest, sincere and truthful. GNA

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