Sarkodie Officially Signed To Akon’s Konvict Music

SarkodieBabs, the record label manager of Konvict music and Sway, a renowned UK based Konvict Music confirmed BET award winner Sarkodie has been signed to Akon’s Konvict Music record label. Babs in this videos goes further to prove the signing of Sarkodie by bringing out a cardigan, He (Babs) signature and that of Sarkodie on it saying Akon’s will sign the Cardigan later.

When did Cardigan replaced documents? Sarkodie after this incident was seen all over the place performing in this same yellow Konvict Cardigan.

Our very own, 4syte TV and Yfm joined forces with Dunwills Entertainment, the label that has been managing Sarkodie from day one to put more dust in the eyes of Ghanaian by confirming this on television.

With recent development as to Akon denying Sarkodie been signed to the record label, one is tempted to ask, “what’s going on?”.

It’s a bit confessing when the manager of a record label confirms the signing of an artiste and two years after the CEO denies it. Obidiponbidi (as Sarkodie as is affectionately called) swallowed the his pride for once and stated “Yes, I wasn’t signed to Konvict”. Sarkodie adds the offers been made Akon’s record label at that time wasn’t satisfactory thus his rejection.

it’s oblivious fake publicity propagated by Dunwills Entertainment paid off. Sarkodie’s music career after false signing took it heals and took a drive on the fast lane.

As a friend of mine would say “there’s nothing like fake publicity”.

With or without Akon, Sarkodie made it to the top.

By Fiifi Adinkra

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