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Nana Akuffo Addo addressing the Press conference, with NPP party leadershipThe Vice-President of policy think tank, IMANI Ghana, Mr Kofi Bentil has advised the leadership of the New Patriotic Party to apply the rotary four-way test in the wake of calls projecting Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the sole choice for the 2016 presidential elections.

He says the party is likely to affect its fortunes in the 2016 presidential race if it is not careful with the manner with which it is handling issues now. Speaking on Accra-based Joy FM, Mr Bentil said just like Rotarians are advised, the NPP should ask itself if the choice for Nana Addo would be in the interest of every member of the party.

“First ask yourself, is this what is good for us? Is it the truth that the majority of voting delegates in the NPP want Nana Addo?”

He said the only way they could find out was to wait for the delegates’ conference to elect a flagbearer for the party.

“This jumping and jogging may not be the truth. So you wait for an election,” he said. The second rule, Mr Bentil said, was for the NPP to ask itself if the choice would be fair to all those who were concerned.

He noted that although the popularity of Nana Addo was not in doubt, there could be other people who were likely to make better the fortunes of the party in the 2016 elections.

“Find out, is it fair to others who may be in the position to be flagbearers? Nobody doubts the popularity of Nana, but even a year is a long time in politics. It is possible the NPP have some absolutely fantastic people but when they see all these things they are just going to coward down and see what happens,” he advised.

“What is good ultimately for the NPP may not yet be out so if you are all jumping for Nana Addo, and he may well be good for you but if you are doing that and really there is somebody who is better, you are hurting the NPP,” he added.

Thirdly, Mr Bentil highlighted the need for the party to consider whether or not its decisions would build good will and better friendship within the party. He said, “What the leaders in NPP must ask themselves is, is this the right way to lead? And apart from being unconstitutional, they should ask themselves; is this the right way? I mean, should we be the ones doing this clearly against our constitution? Will it build goodwill? What will it do to our own party? How is it going to affect relationships? We’ve already heard about people threatening people with death and it’s ended up in the police station… is it right?”

Finally, Mr Bentil stressed that the party should consider the benefits of their decision to all parties as far as the flagbearership position was concerned.

He advised that, in such a situation, the party must find out if the man in question, Nana Addo, as well as every member of the party would be excited about their decisions.

Mr Bentil further advised the party to think and reflect on the matter and make sure that the final decision they took would favour every concerned member of the party.

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