Vodafone Icons Winner, Ryan Releases Debut Single

Ryan -I No CareGhanaian singer, songwriter and produce, Ryan Korsah releases his debut single titled ‘I NO CARE’. Usually known by his first name only, Ryan won the recently ended Vodafone Icons music reality show. Coming from Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, Ryan grew up spending all his time in the music studio writing, producing and had hopes of breaking out as an artist in his own rights. Talking about the song Ryan says ‘I went into the studio with the producer Efraim, and I wanted to write something very deep. Something that will change the world, but I was struggling. And this was because I wasn’t being myself. I started talking to the producer about a past relationship where I had been dumped. Everyone in the studio started laughing at me and as I was telling the story, we started writing and constructing the song. That’s how the song came about. I’m a young guy and I want people to have fun. That’s what the song is about.

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