WACSI Hails the Embassy of France in Ghana for its Support to CBOs

Accra, Ghana – On Tuesday July 22, the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) commended the Embassy of France in Ghana for its commitment to promote community development in Ghana. The Executive Director of the Institute, Ms. Nana Afadzinu extended the Institute’s appreciation to the French Ambassador to Ghana Mr. Frédéric Clavier.

The Embassy of France in Ghana supports community based projects implemented by civil society organisations through the Fund for Social Development Fund (FSD). The Fund for Social Development (FSD) is a special programme of the French Cooperation in Ghana. Implemented since 1999, the FSD aims at supporting small or medium-scale development projects, carried for and by the Ghanaian people to improve the living conditions of the population, especially the most vulnerable (women, youth, infants).

Annually, the Embassy dedicates about 22.000 euros to different community based organisations (CBOs) working to enhance living conditions of Ghanaians. In 2012, through the FSD, the embassy supported five CBOs to deliver projects aimed at strengthening economic potential of women, girls and marginalised communities across Ghana.

Beneficiary organisations were supported to take part in a capacity building programme provided by WACSI. This was to ensure that these organisations understand best principles related to grants management, monitoring and evaluating projects supported under the FSD. These organisations were trained, mentored and coached by a specially designed capacity building programme developed by WACSI.

The Embassy of France in Ghana also contributed enormously towards the development of an electronic directory for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Ghana – civilsocietygh.org which serves as a platform for networking, collaboration and awareness raising for CSOs in and out of Ghana. The website, developed by WACSI,

Dr. Christian Joly, outgoing Cooperation Attaché of the embassy committed to ensure that this platform is created for CSOs in Ghana. Ms. Nana Afadzinu thanked Dr. Joly for the momentum he showed towards the creation of this platform. She commended Dr. Joly for fostering a cordial relationship between the Embassy and WACSI since 2010.

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