Robbers raid police headquarters

ghana policeSome Burglars are reported to have taken their nefarious activities onto the door steps of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan, in a rather defiant manner, when they broke into the Police Headquarters last Monday dawn, DAILY GUIDE has gathered.

The group, a source said, raided the 4th floor of the main Headquarters and left evidential proof that they were not perturbed at all of being caught as they had a field day in one of the offices.

It is not clear what their mission was, but DAILY GUIDE’s investigation showed that one of the schedule officers (Director-Generals), had a shock of his life when a bottle of whisky he had kept in the office was ostensibly quaffed by the daring burglars, who ate everything in sight without fear.

So far, no arrest has been made, and sources say the IGP deemed it a dent on his administration and, therefore, was keeping the incident under wraps.

However, most persons who were contacted at the Police Headquarters over the issue were playing the innocent in an attempt to down play the incident.

Though information on the incident is sketchy, a source confirmed that it did happen.

Apart from the empty whisky bottle and the break-in, Daily Guide, as at press time yesterday, could not confirm what items were stolen from the Headquarters or what security measures were being taken to beef up security at the Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the IGP was out of the country on a national assignment at the time the incident was detected.

Source: dailyguide


  1. What a shame.

  2. This thing is not a surprise, since a lot of police officers with thoughtful backgrounds are being recruited by the police administration. I would,t be surprise if some of the robbers are police officers. Asem beba debe

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