AFPP urges African leaders to promote peace

African leadersMr Francis Nana Quarme, the Country Director for Action for Peace Project (AFPP), a Non Governmental Organization, has called on leaders of the African sub region to promote peace as they seek to ensure the development of their societies.

He said there is the need for African leaders to build on their economic and social infrastructures to provide the citizenry with adequate social protection.

Mr Quarme said this on Saturday during the gathering of Horsemen Youth Prayer Orientation festival 2013, organized by Watered Garden Church in collaboration with the Action for Peace Project in Accra.

At the event, which was aimed at ensuring that the country protects its prevailing peace, he said, “there can be no denial, especially within the African context, that Ghana has made a steady progress in its democratic development”.

Mr Quarme said “considering the fact that our innocent youth are often at the forefront of political and electioneering violence, there is a need to create a platform to mobilize, advocate, empower and educate them on the need to eschew all forms of unacceptable mannerisms that has the potential to wreck the peace of the country”.

He warned that “a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on social improvement programs is approaching its spiritual doom”.

Mr Quarme appealed to the youth to avoid being used to instigate and spread violence and any form of political instability.

He also called on the civil society and all pro-peace organizations to initiate activities to support international organizations and other stakeholders to as they seek to ensure that the peace of the country is sustained.

AFPP was formed to empower and seek the development of the youth in Africa and ensure the training of transformational leaders by providing the appropriate information to the masses. GNA

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