A Constitutional Revolution in Ghana …… As the Last Straw upon which Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo‘s dream

A Constitutional Revolution in Ghana …… As the Last Straw upon which Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo‘s dream of becoming the president of Ghana was broken by the supreme court of the Republic of Ghana ……. And the Members of Parliament (MPs) of NDC failed to look beyond their laps when CI 75 was passed to ensure Nana Addo’s dream of becoming a President is fulfilled.

The constitution is the structure of fundamental laws and customary practices that define the authority of state institutions and regulate their relationships including those to citizens of the state. The socialization of the country’s political elites leads to a political culture in which customs and conventions make participants reluctant to change practices that brought them to power. Though Ghana is under the rule of law, all constitutional provisions are subject to change through a very complicated amending process. There is a fusion of power between the Legislature and the Executive arm of government

Even though the elected NDC government proposed to institute amendment to the non – entrenched clauses of the constitution, such amendments is yet to come into force. Prior to becoming the president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama promise to adopt and implement the work of the constitutional review committee.  Leading a leftist  political party, and true to its own instincts he is  bent on extending political rights as well as pursuing its recognized goals of economic  and social equality.  

Discomfort does not persuade most citizens of this noble country of ours to stop supporting the political party which they have identified with for nearly 23 years – National Democratic Congress (NDC). They prefer to remain in power than give up on a party which preaches on a liberal social policy, and is committed – even if it does not always live up to the promises such as the provision of free medical service, free universal basic education and subsidize housing.

For the 6th consecutive general election since 1992, Ghana showed itself to have a multiparty electorate. Even though the country continuous to have a largely two – party dominance. The major issues were the economy, social policy, and trust in leaders. NDC touted its record of good economic growth along with better health and educational services. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) was confronted with the unworthiness of Nana Addo especially on issues of morality and illicit drugs. However the NPP promised to improve healthcare and provide free education up to Senior High School.  The victory of the NDC can be summarized as the lack of confidence of the electorates in the opposition parties.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo, was not straight to the people or members of his own party (NPP) in stating his convictions. The actual calculations, even though defensible were done by Nana Addo and his small circle of trustees and spin doctors. The flow of information to the party machinery and the public at large was controlled and manipulated mainly to smooth Nana Addo’s political path. He succeeded in masterminding an electoral law (CI 75) which would put him into power at all cost;

1.      That judges sitting on electoral disputes should sit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year non-stop

2.      That the out – come of the sitting of the Supreme Court is not subject to an appeal or review.

 Knowing very well the relationship between Nana Addo and his NPP and the top hierarchy of the country’s judiciary, it was a done deal for the Supreme Court to move beyond all odds and declare Nana Addo the winner of the 2012 elections.  Those were the days the defeated presidential hopeful was more confident in being sworn in as president by the end of March 2013. Many pundits of the NPP were heard on the airwaves bragging that the Supreme Court was going to declare Nana Addo the winner in no sooner than March 2013.

It only took the courage and visionary leadership of Bernard Mornah , the general secretary of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) to crash the hopes and lifelong  presidential ambition of Nana Addo forever. Some of us were of the view that there was no way the NDC was going to get a fair judgment, considering the leader of the judiciary and her attitude of late. Given that decisions are taken based on a vote of the majority of the members on the bench, I was seriously afraid of the outcome. But I am now more confident than ever that the truth will carry the day. This is because even if the judgment goes in favor of Nana Addo, the opportunity for an appeal can be utilized in which situation Nana Addo would not need Angle Gabriel to advice him to accept defeat in the interest of his own NPP party.

On the other hand, it will be prudent on the part of the panel of judges to uphold the current declaration by the Electoral Commission (EC) for the sake of their own integrity. Because the opportunity for an appeal would expose how “bias” they are to the public and the international community. This would greatly affect the credibility of the country’s judiciary system.

I still cannot understand why the NDC MPs were not able to read in between the lines and went ahead to pass such a cruel law (CI 75) that would have handed the presidency to Nana Addo on a silver platter or plunge this country into a civil war. A greater number of these parliamentarians have being in parliament for many years and should have used their experience in dealing with this NPP guys to avert this calamity.  The NDC MPs should take a cue from this and do their work well to protect the future of the NDC party.

When would these hypocrites stop disturbing our ears by praising this devil incarnate – Nana Addo (a.k.a Gbagbo ) of going to the supreme court instead of asking his supporters to fight. The fact of the matter is, if not for the evil spirit in him, he needs not go to court. Everything concerning the elections was clean and transparent.

Secondly, I also believed that he must have been motivated by the current posture of the Chief Justice and the judiciary that signaled to him that he would carry the day by virtue of CI 75 if he brings the case to the Supreme Court. Thanks to Bernard Mornah for his Bold and courageous initiative that finally dashed all the hopes of this wicked creatures God created in his own image.

The battle is now beyond an electoral one, as Nana Addo is now very punctual at the Supreme Court where he is seriously struggling to use the respect accorded him by the legal fraternity to rationalize the irrational. The crowning irony is that the unexpected result of the Supreme Court ruling would be one of the numerous constitutional revolutions on the African continent. Whereby a war monger in disguise, is doing everything possible to push his way through to become a president

Carlos Dawda Nasanbory

(Political Consultant)


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  1. I political consultant indeed, never heard of such a title. your dislike for Nana will not stop the SC in ruling in favour of truth and justice.

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