Ghana scores high on mining governance index

Ghana ranked 15 out of 58 countries earning the highest score in sub-Saharan Africa, reflecting major reforms to improve competition and transparency in the mining sector, a new governance index released on Wednesday said.

The country has taken giant steps to improve mining governance and limit corruption, but the government still grapples to give citizens the information they need to assess whether they get a good deal from mining companies, the index said.

The Revenue Governance Index by the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) measures the quality of governance in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries worldwide.

A statement issued on Wednesday and copied to Ghana News Agency said each country on the index, from top-ranked Norway to last-place Myanmar, is judged on four criteria: legal framework, transparency levels, checks and balances, and its broader governance context.

Liberia ranked 16th on the index, Zambia-17, South Africa-21, Botswana-30, Nigeria-40. Angola came 41st, Equatorial Guinea-44 with the Democratic Republic of Congo occupying the 56 position.

The statement said while lawmakers are required to oversee the industry, they often lack the resources to do so effectively, and contracts between mining companies and the government are kept secret from the public.

Mr Emmanuel Kuyole, RWI Regional Coordinator for Africa said:

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