Doctor: Conjoined twins won’t survive separation

Conjoined twins GhanaThe Medical Director at the Central Regional Hospital, Dr Daniel Asare says the conjoined twins born in the Central region recently may end up worse off if attempts were made to separate them.

The twin girls, born to a 16-year old mother have two heads, two necks and share one heart.

The spines of the girls have merged together in a common torso.

They also share a common waist, sex organ and one pair of legs and arms.

Dr. Daniel Asare told XYZ News that the conjoined twins could live a more fulfilling life without being separated.

He warned that any attempt to separate them could put their lives in danger.

The Doctor added that the chances of the twins’ survival, if any such separation attempts were made, would be negligible.

Source: RadioXYZonline

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