NPP Is Not A Family Property, Respect My Right

As a member of NPP UK and Ireland, I feel so disgusted and undermined when I hear some people argue that their fathers or forefathers were founding members of a political party in Ghana and for that matter, they own a share in that political party anywhere, every time and anyway or they should always be given an executive positions in the party just because their late family members contributed in founding or funding that political party some years back.

It feel’s mind boggling, it offends the good taste and moral sense in political leadership when I hear people, especial our brothers and sisters from the Northern part of Ghana argue and demand that certain positions should be given to them in Ghana, just because they originate from the North or they have an exclusive God given right to move from being Vice President to become substantive President, just like what John Mahama demanded of the people from North. Such arguments and demands are totally babble and gibberish!!

These kind of attributes and way of thinking can never be found in a person who has Self-esteem, Competence, Confidence and Potential to contest any positions and win them on fair grounds, by way of proving to the whole world that he/she has the capabilities and meritorious to be given such positions, except those who obviously suffer from Inferiority Complex, those who pretend and hide behind the little glory that their fathers or family members happened to chalk in years back.

It is so disappointing and sickening that one can conspicuously identify such unfortunate deficiencies in one of the sons of the late Mr Simon Diedong Dombo, the traditional chief of Duori in Upper Region and Leader of the Northern People’s Party (NPP), a political party in the Gold Coast. The son of this old traditional leader called Richard Diedong Dombo, a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) UK branch, claims that because of his father’s history as a founding member of the then United Party (UP), he should be given the Chairmanship position of NPP in UK & Ireland on a silver platter, forgotten that the mere fact that his father we are told was a founding member or originates from the Northern Ghana does not give him an exclusive advantage over any other member in the party. Per the tradition of NPP, the party has no respect for any individual’s origin, tribe, gender or religion but in any branch of the party, everyone has the equal right of opportunity to prove himself as hard working, intelligent or competent either a female or male from the East, West, North or South to be given positions, purely by merits but not because one’s father or family member’s contributions in the party either today or past years, but by proving yourself by showing what you can do by yourself.

Richard Dombo, unable to conceal his incompetency and inferiority complex after employing the dirtiest campaign strategy 4-years ago with the help of a mentally challenged lady called Georgette Dede Djaba (A Sectioned Lawyer in UK) and others to help him win the position of NPP Chairman in London in the branch elections, he lost miserably to the incumbent chairman of NPP UK & Ireland (Mr Hayford Atta Krufi). He since then resorted to finding means to undermine the elected chairman. Richard was so bent on becoming an executive member in NPP UK branch after suffering the most embarrassing defeat; He begged to be appointed as a Research Officer for NPP in UK as the constitution demands, so that he can also be an executive member to enable him pursue his impish and diabolic ideas.

For some unimaginable reasons, Richard Dombo has developed personal hatred for some key members in the NPP UK branch. He has managed to influence the current executives to eliminate one Mr Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang (Communication member-NPP UK) from the branch’s email (googlemail) use for information dissemination to members. His hatred against this young poor man is as a result of a fight between the two over a young lady, member in the branch. Very pathetic!!

To unseat the current Chairman this time round, this same man and his colleague Akwasi Awua Ababio who also contested for the position of Vice Chairman and lost badly and with support of Andrew Owusu (a distanced family member of the late Victor Owusu of PFP and mother from Upper Volta Region) have resorted to writing articles to injure the reputation of the current members of NPP leadership in UK, using unknown and nonexistent names, with the sole aim and purpose of creating discordance and division in the branch, but fortunately this move has woefully failed. My simple advice to Mr Dombo, his colleagues and everyone for that matter, is that, in politics it is paramount and important for you to check yourself and think before you consider vying for any responsible positions; else you do so to attract everlasting embarrassment upon yourself.

NPP is bigger than any individual and any branch meetings. It has so many sympathisers across the world who doesn’t necessarily attend meetings or registered as members, therefore being able to build healthy social connections with the general public has great significance. I am reliably informed that these guys (Dombo & friends) refused to attend the Ghanaians demonstration in London recently, all because they assume perhaps it will make the current chairman and other leaders popular, therefore they did not attend.

Obviously, it will be unrepairable misadventure for NPP UK branch to have Richard Dombo as the Chairman or Awua Ababio as Vice Chairman. Hahaha, I Mean How? The NPP UK members are very intelligent, responsible and sensible, and as such, one needs to prove him/herself beyond all doubts to win their votes. A great Party like NPP don’t have to make such mistake, though the late Dombo (his father) left a positive indelible mark in Ghana’s politics but the son does not command any respect, has No Personality, he’s quick tempered, unorganised, Very Divisive and vindictive, and lacks Self Confidence. He’s been an absolute failure even as simple Research Officer. I don’t know if he deserves any position other than Research Office.
As tribalistic as this Richard Dombo is saw nothing wrong in making the following statement on the NPP group email, “There are innumerable Dagartis or Northern indigenes who are head and shoulders, by every measurable standard [empirical, physiological, aesthetical or other] ‘better’ than many Asante or Southern people, and vice versa, therefore it is nonsense for all Ashantis to consider themselves ‘better’ than all Dagartis, or Northerners, as proponents of ethnic ‘superiority’ present”.

Why should the branch elect a person to be chairman who sees nothing wrong in proposing to his brother’s wife and fight over it? Why NPP elect a Research Officer who has failed abysmally, has not been able to produce any single research outcome the past four years? Electing an irresponsible man like Richard Dombo as chairman of NPP in UK would be as dangerous as having a Trojan war in a walled city. This individual has a mark of snatching party members and friends’ girl friends and will ultimately bring the branch into chaos and disrepute. I can only advice that if Richard Dombo is still interested in the UK branch chairmanship position in the upcoming branch elections 2013, then he has a lot of work to do to correct his reputation, if possible he should wait for the next 15-years. Why should a branch elect a person who has No respect for any NPP leader whether past or present, apart from his late father. Someone who could openly describe the Ex-President Kufour as “Greedy and Nepotist”; describing Party’s General Secretary, Sir John as “bushman” (saying, Sir John de3 Oy3 Kurasinii paa) arguing he doesn’t like the way he (Sir John) takes on the NDC party in public. Who does this son of founding member thinks he is?

A person who wants to become NPP chairman could have the gust to insult and describe some communication members in UK like “Obaa Yaa and Katakyie” of all people as Semi-literate, bigoted individuals, loose cannon and off-putting style just because he thinks they could not express themselves in English like graduates. You better thank your God for the free education given to you people hat today, you can insult some people with impunity, the team that has done so well and so much than ever before, saying some don’t speak good english like him.

I will love to see the first day Dombo as Chairman or Akwasi Awua Ababio as Vice Chairman would go on radios and TV stations in London or anywhere to debates and defend these recalcitrant political opponents. Both men have no mass communication and media skills. They have never spared 10-mins of their time to speak on any of the numerous radio stations in London to defend either NPP’s policies or Nana Akufo Addo’s, yet Mr Dombo is gearing up with colleague Awua to contest the Chairmanship and Vice Chairs positions again. Though Dombo having less confidence has decided to opt for the appointment of the Communication Director in UK if he fails miserably again to secure the chairmanship position. God save NPP UK branch!!

I am yet to imagine when NPP UK could ever have an industrious chairman again like the current chairman (Atta Krufi, a Lawyer and a Head Teacher in London) who could communicate convincingly, debate excellently and above all unit the party and prepare a strong communication Team with the help of the current communication Director (Nana Yaw Sarpong). Today, NPP UK has become the most formidable party with strong communication team across Europe, and the team has worked assiduously to ensure the party’s strength is maintained stronger everywhere, any time. If any of these irresponsible guys is ever given any responsible position like Chairman or Vice Chair will involuntary bring embarrassment, shame and disunity to the party both here in UK and in Ghana.

NPP deserves better, UK branch deserves the best!!

Sherry Mensah Abrampah

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