Immortalize Achebe with stamp and currency inscriptions – Chiakwelu

Emeka Chiakwelu, the principal policy strategist at Afripol Organization has urged the government of His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria to immortalize the late Prof. Chinua Achebe by placing his image inscriptions on Nigerian stamps and currency.

Speaking at Afripol’s headquarter in Houston-Texas, Chiakwelu reminded both Nigerians and Africans at his table commentary on the life of Achebe about his great contribution to Nigeria and Africa especially in restoring the dignity of Black people stolen by slavery and colonialism.

Chiakwelu said, “Professor Chinua Achebe was among the greatest Africans in the vanguard of restoring the dignity of peoples of Africa. His death was a great loss to Africa and the world. Although he has gone, his presence will always linger with every generation to come because his contribution to humanity is indelible.”

Chiakwelu was calling on the government of Nigeria to immortalize this great Nigerian and African by inscribing his image on Nigerian postal stamp and money currency. Because Achebe took control and went about remaking the image of Africa that was taken away by colonialism. Achebe proved that a pen is mighty by writing the famous “Things Fall Apart,” a novel that tell the world that Africa has a thriving civilization before colonialism.

Chiakwelu continued, ” African countries and the world should also take part in immortalizing Achebe because his contribution was not limited to Nigeria but to the rest of Africa, Black world and downtrodden people all over the world.”

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