Tonto Dikeh Blasts Samini

Tonto DikehIn an attempt to defend her fellow countrymen, Nigerian actress Tonko Dikeh has jabbed Ghanaian dancehall icon Emmanuel Samini for questioning the originality of their ‘Alingo’ dance.

Samini threw a lyrical punch at Nigerian duo P-Square for stealing Ghana’s Azonto dance and modifying it into Alingo in his cover song.

But Tonto, who took offence, poured her frustration on social platform twitter, saying: “Azonto is Azonto n Alingo is Alingo!

So waz his stress gosh! Ova d years 9ja has been bringin out dif dance moves no diss of copywrit!”

Several Ghanaians have suggested on social platform Facebook and Twitter that the Nigerians are bitter because they did not create the Azonto dance.

“Why not Azonto and Alingo meet face to face in an international dance competition and let’s see which has got swag,” a comment sampled from stated.
Tonto noted that sometimes she wondered why most Ghanaians always looked for “Nigerian’s trouble”.

“ @samini_dagaati HEY hold it rit dere! cuz if u think abt startin drama here on twitter beliv me am ready to bring it to your door stepOK,” she added.

According to the Nigerian actress, respect was the key of life and she believed Alingo was Alingo and Azonto was also Azonto “so sit in your zone and stop throwing stones to the glass house”.

The trend on various social platforms online suggests that a lot of Ghanaians are in favour of the campaign Samini is championing.

Peter Okoye, a member of the music duo P-square, also tweeted, “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks @ things that shine”. The group has not made any official statement on the issue.

Source: News1Ghana

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  1. What’s wrong with tonto? Why shld u make a big issue out of this with Ghanaians, be careful wai.

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