Steward of Grace Set GH Ablaze (H.O.W ’13 Reviewed)

HOW2013 AudienceConsidering the number of events that were staged simultaneously on march 6, the love of Ghanaians for beaches and people’s desire to take time off their busy work schedules to rest, I least expected a Gospel event to fill the Accra International Conference Centre and still have hundreds of others hanging on their toes, stretching their necks to get a glimpse of the stage.

The concert dubbed House of Worship 2013 had been on the minds and lips of many Gospel music fanatics for months; So why not? I gave it a short and booked myself a seat at the conference centre on the set date to see how HOW would go.

OMG! I thank my stars I took that decision. The four-hour event was worth every single second of the time it lasted.

Before the main act (Stewards of Grace) took the stage, the spirit of the crowd was already lifted through the deep worship and high praise led by The Watered Garden Praise/worship team. Nii okai then took his turn to fly us all into heavenly heights; his usual soothing vocals and beautiful musical arrangements left very little to be desired. It was after these that the stage lights went off for a few minutes. When the stage got back its illumination, it was filled with ladies dressed in various shades of purple and young men in their black suits with purple shirts as the ladies.

The first song they did featured Naa Sinclear. It earned the choir a standing ovation which would become the usual posture of the whole crowd for the rest of the night. Song after song after song, the crowd kept cheering as stewards executed each song almost perfectly. There actually was an occasion where the lead vocalist asked the audience to sit for the next song and upon hearing the intro of the song, they jumped right back to their feet. Songs performed were borrowed from various parts of Africa, others from The West. Memorable amongst them was The Lord is My Light, Tambira, Indescribable and Powerful God. Perhaps the most memorable moment of the night was when the whole choir left behind their microphones and spread across the stage to do a wonderful formation dance. Others would argue that it was when all the lights in the auditorium were put off and every person in the choir held up a lantern of some kind while the audience switched on their phone lights; the beautiful pool of little white lights that was created as they Performed the declaration piece, The Lord is My Light.

Sound for H.O.W 2013 was provided by Sammy Helwani. The show was Mced by Eugene Sam Arthur of Sunny FM. Unbelievably, a concert of such quality was free. This left me imagining how marvelously our Gospel concerts and music would be if Christians who are the main beneficiaries would invest just a little more into these spirit building, soul-refreshing ventures. The extra-ordinary Independence Day super-pack was themed “Oh! Taste and See that the Lord is Good” and believe you me the concert proved true its theme to the millionth decimal.

By: Stephen Osei-Opoku

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