UG Unveils ”LEADING LADIES’ NETWORK”, as ladies pledges to uphold Good Morals.

What is said about values in education often talks about a list of the desirable values in students that a school should promote. There is a phrases like “these are the values to be taught”, and “values need to be inculcated”, but little is said about how these values actually develop and change within individuals, about how values might be communicated, and about how educational processes within the formal curriculum might promote such value development especially among young women in tertiary institutions in the country

It is against this background, that the University of Ghana Chapter of ” LEADING LADIES’ NETWORK ” has been unveiled to promote sanity and good morals among young women on campus.

The National Executive Director for LEADING LADIES’ NETWORK; Madam Yawa Hansen-Quao, who inducted the leadership of chapter into office on the University Ghana campus on Friday said, the UG chapter like other chapters in the various tertiary institutions, will spearhead the developmental needs of the women on campus and serve as an advocacy organizational group to address some of the peculiar needs of  its members.

Madam Yawa Hansen-Quao in an interview said, the leadership were taken through social courses and some leadership training  before they were inducted into office and therefore very confident they are well are well equipped to fulfill their mandate and accomplish the task ahead of them.

She added that the group will go along way bringing sanity as well as inculcating good morals among young women on campus.

She said the group is expected to groom young women who will affects their communities and the society at large after school and been able to take up leadership positions in the country, been it political or in the Civil Service.

The nine (9) member executive of the chapter, took an Oath-of-Allegiance of having been elected into office to affirm their commitment to the members of the chapter, as they all pledged to dedicate themselves to the well being of the members of the chapter and will promote the values and tenets of true leadership at all times.

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