Musician deplores competition by groups to find favour with government

Togbe Edinam Ansah, a musician, has slammed the scramble by groups within the creative industry to catch the eye of government and its representatives.

He predicted that these groupings, normally formed for convenience, would have little impact on the development of the sector.

Togbe Ansah, a former executive member of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) said creative people needed strong associations whose leaders had good knowledge of the problems of members across the country.

He said the biggest problem facing the music industry in Ghana at the moment was ineffective copyright administration.

Togbe Ansah said it appeared that organized pirating of creative works was as big as the creative industry.

He said as a result many musicians who come out with productions, virtually find themselves on tenterhooks, unsure about revenues, as they helplessly watch their works being pirated before their very eyes.

On the Volta Region, Togbe Ansah conceded that show-business was dull and music productions by artistes from the region hardly popping up on the charts.

He said music production was capital intensive and that musicians in the region needed a lot of financial and technical support to be relevant to the market.

Togbe Ansah observed that time was up for the many intellectuals in the field of music in the region to come together and contrive ways to build a bridge between their intellectual qualities and contemporary music industry in the region.

He also called on business people to invest in the establishment of modern recording studios in the region. GNA

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