NPP: Afari Gyan is a nation wrecker

Afari GyanGeneral Secretary for the NPP, Lawyer Kwadwo Afriyie popularly known as Sir John, has tongue lashed Dr. Afari Gyan describing him as a “nation wrecker” who is endowed with changing people’s destiny.

Sir John disclosed on Okay FM that he received the shock of his life when Dr. Afari Gyan pronounced the NDC winners whilst the actual results proved otherwise.

He warned Ghanaians to be mindful about the way they dealt with Dr. Afari Gyan since he possessed the skill of ruining their dreams after casting their ballot.

“Over five million people lined up to vote in this year’s elections. But what happened was that Afari Gyan, used fraudulent and canny ways to twist the results in favour of the NDC,” Sir John decried.

The chairman of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, has known no peace ever since he declared the 2012 general elections in favour of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The main opposition party, the NPP, have heaped series of harsh criticisms on Dr. Afari Gyan and blamed him for conniving with the NDC and working out figures to place them as winners.

Sir John Further likened Dr. Afari Gyan to the “enemy” in the Bible who rose up late in the night and planted bad seeds amongst the good seeds the children of God had planted during the day.

He called on all Ghanaians to join hands with the NPP and help them in “uprooting” the “evil seedlings” Dr. Afari Gyan and President Mahama had sown in the country.

Source: peacefmonline

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