LPG Shortage Booms Charcoal Business… Madam Fatima Wishes More LPG Shortage

charcoalA shortage of liquefied petroleum gas has hit some parts of Accra for weeks now, with many gas stations putting up signs reading, “No Gas”.

Long queues of commercial as well as domestic petroleum gas users had become a common sight at the gas stations where there is gas for its users.

Many households depend on this petroleum gas for cooking and other domestic purposes. The shortage in recent times has been a blessing some Charcoal sellers in some communities of the city.

According to Madam Fatima Salifu, a Charcoal seller at Mamprobi a suburb of Accra; ‘‘she previously makes less sales when there wasn’t Gas shortage in the City especially in her community (Mamprobi) but now that now that the country is facing shortage of  petroleum gas, the Charcoal business is booming unpredictably .’’

She added with a wholehearted that ‘‘she makes sales of 3 large bags daily, even though she at times reduces the quantity of the small rubber bucket she uses as the measure and sales the reduced quantity at Ghȼ 1.50 against the normal quantity at Ghȼ 1.00 when there wasn’t shortage and would not even sale half a bag a day. ’’

Fatima noted that ‘‘many households who cannot make time out their busily schedules of buying the small rubber bucket, buys the full bag at a exorbitant price of Ghȼ 35.00 and  Ghȼ 40.00 against the usual price of Ghȼ 20.00 and Ghȼ 25.00 per bag previously’’.

Madam Fatima Salifu is a mother of five children and says she is been in the Charcoal business as she took over from her late grandmother since 1985 and in her early years of marriage. Her second born is in his last year at the University of Ghana Medical School, and the third born at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, as well as the fourth and the last are in the well known Senior and Junior High Schools in the greater Accra region.

She wishes the LPG shortage last for some few other weeks or months so she can earn some more incomes, as well as her other sellers as well….



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