Kufour urges Mahama to get

John Agyekum KufuorFormer President John Agyekum Kufour has urged President John Mahama to seek help from Ghana’s neighbours in his efforts to solve the current water and power crises.

He said it was important for President Mahama to demonstrate leadership by exploring all options as he struggles to resolve the crisis.

Ghanaians have, in the last six months, had to endure erratic supply of electricity and water. The President had given several dates on which the power rationing was supposed to end but each time the deadline was missed.

The crisis has deepened recently with utility service providers announcing an intensified rationing programme over the next few weeks.

But Mr Kufuor who was speaking on an Accra-based radio station, HOT FM, on Monday said the president can go beyond assurances and do more to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.

For instance, he recalled, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sought Ghana’s help to tackle a power crisis that hit her country after the Liberian war.

Again, Mr Kufuor said, he went to Nigeria to ‘beg’ former President Olusegun Obasanjo to continue supplying the nation with crude oil to prevent what would have been a major power crisis when the government there had stopped supplying Ghana with the product.

He therefore urged Mr Mahama to seek help from neigbouring countries, hoping that will offer a quick solution to the current crisis and bring relief to the people.

Source: Joy Online

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