Vea youth commends President Mahama for nominating minister from the area

The Vea Youth Association and the entire membership of the Vea Community have expressed their profound gratitude to President John Dramani Mahama for nominating Dr Ephraim Avea Nsoh as minister designate for the Upper East Region.

A statement issued and sighed by the Secretary of the association, Mr Aberinga Milton, said they had no doubt that Dr Nsoh had the relevant skills, competencies and character that was needed to propel the development of the region forward.

It said Dr Nosh, in his private capacity, had demonstrated selflessness and devotion for the deprived and marginalised in the region and also contributed to the human resource development by sponsoring academic advancement of many youths.

“In the party’s front he has worked and continue to work tirelessly that brought many victories to the party in his community and constituency.

“As a noble son of Vea, Dr Avea Nsoh has been able to avert bloodshed and also brought calm and unity to the Vea Community in the wake of a recent disturbing situation in the village which resulted in the death of a young indigene.

“In view of his sterling qualities there could not have been a better choice,” the statement said.

The youth said they would do everything possible to give the regional minister designated and the party the necessary support to enable them to achieve the Better Ghana Agenda.

“By our estimation the appointment of Dr Avea Nsoh and other ministers so far by His Excellency is a clear testimony of his resolve and commitment to the formation of a results-oriented team that will effectively see to the realization of the Better Ghana Agenda.

“We want to assure His Excellency that we the youth and the entire community solidly support his good intentions for mother Ghana and will play our part diligently to see him succeed,” the statement said. GNA

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