More Eye Witnesses Confirm – Uebert Angel’s Words Against Prophet TB Joshua

TB JoshuaReports have been coming in from all over the internet, regarding a statement recently made by Uebert Angel of Miracle TV from Zimbabwe. Angel has fallen into several controversies in recent days, the most serious of which are his comments against world-renowned minister of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua of The SCOAN in Nigeria.

Reports from Facebook and other internet media have confirmed from countless sources that Angel did indeed ‘prophesy to a woman in his service that she was supposed to go somewhere but ended up at his ministry instead because of financial difficulties. She confirmed that she was supposed to go see Prophet T.B. Joshua but could not afford a flight to Nigeria. Angel then did in fact reply that, why would she want to go to a place where they would only tell you when the next president will die. He told her that it was in his own church she would hear the reality’.

‘During a partner’s meeting, Angel did in fact boast , ‘T.B. Joshua is the one who always calls me on the phone; I do not phone him.’ He asked one of his ushers to stand up and confirm this, which he did’.

More eye-witnesses have been coming forward to confirm these events. Including from Mr Michael Ernest Mensah-arhin who stated, “Also, during a partners meeting of Prophet Angel which I attended, he even boasted, ‘T.B. Joshua is the one who always calls me on the phone; I do not phone him.’ He asked one of his ushers to stand up and confirm this, which he did. This happened recently, in the second week of November 2012. this tells it all, he is just boasting to the people. With a discerning spirit you will know that the right hand of God is on Prophet T B Joshua and they are jealous.”

As more eye-witnesses are still come forward, we are left with the wise, mature words of Prophet T.B. Joshua on the matter, posted on his facebook page:

“Brother Patrick, thank you for your email. Don’t be troubled in your heart. Remember, Jesus said there will be trouble. Indeed, there is reason to be troubled because of what the founder of Miracle TV, Uebert Angel, said about me and my ministry. There is greater reason not to be. “I believe what you said in your email. It was true Angel (Miracle TV) said this in his service. There were almost 20 emails I received saying the same thing. Brother Patrick, I have nothing to say. I leave my battle for God. He has been fighting for me and He will continue to fight for me – because the battle is of God. In Him, I live. In Him, I talk. In Him, I have my being. You with God are majority.
“I drop my pen here to say I love you all and trust only God, Jesus Christ, our Saviour.”


Source: Allvoice

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