Kufuor: I pray Nana Addo leads the nation someday

J.A Kufuor and Nana AddoFormer President Kufuor, has laid down a point that despite the pain that has hit the NPP as a result of the electoral results that was announced by the Electoral Commission, he sees no reason why in his capacity as a statesman, he should have boycotted yesterday’s state event that elated Mr. Mahama to the status of president of Ghana.

He advised aggrieved NPP sympathizers not to consider the move as ditching them and throwing his weight behind the NDC.

President Kufuor reiterated that he was solidly behind the court action by the NPP to ensure the presidency of President Mahama is invalidated and prays Nana Akufo Addo would someday lead the nation.

“It has always been my fervent prayer that Nana Addo should be sworn in as president of Ghana”, ex-president Kufuor has said.

The former president admittedly stated that he knows he has incurred the wrath of other members in the NPP for gracing yesterday’s national event that saw John Mahama being sworn in as president of the Republic.

He explained that though several calls were placed at his doorstep not to add colour to the event because the NPP was fighting in court to ensure the presidency of President Mahama is invalidated, he decided to attend the event because he has grown out of the partisan politics and metamorphosed into a national asset that every political party can access in times of need.

Speaking on Peace FM, the former commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces stated that “leadership doesn’t come on a silver platter and my feat would be dismantled if I let the nation down and favour my own children”.

Giving a detailed explanation on why he chose to break ranks and attend the occasion, ex-president Kufuor noted that “at all times, the plight of the nation comes first before my party”.

News spread like wide fire when a group of NPP supporters besieged his airport residence to prevent him from attending the inauguration of President Mahama.

“I was sad to see the young lads gather in front of my house. The previous night I had hardly slept and I could see the pain in their hearts too… I called them and asked them to choose between serving the entire nation and the party and they told me the ‘nation’.

“I assured them I would never in any point in time stab my own party in the back…I am solidly behind the court decision the party has taken and I pray God grants the judges wisdom to rule fairly”, Mr. Kufuor said.

Source: Peacefmonline

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