Apostle Mensah challenges leaders to finish well

Apostle Joseph Felix Kwesi Mensah, Chairman of the Apostolic Council of the Great Commission Church International (GCCI), has challenged leaders all over the world to finish their leadership assignment well.

He said leadership was very critical in the life of any society or group of people; but it is also a dangerous place to be and should not be toyed with under any circumstances.

Apostle Mensah said this on Sunday in a sermon to climax the end of a three-day General Council Meeting of the Church at Amrahia near Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region.

The GCM, which was on the theme: “Let’s rise and build,” was attended by Church leaders from all over Ghana.

According to him, leadership was everything; and the rise or fall of a nation, church, business or school all depended on the type of leadership they had.

He said it was because of the behavior of the Israelites that Moses in the bible did not make it to the promise land. He cautioned leaders to be careful of the demand of their followers otherwise they might end up not finishing well.

Taking reference from the book of Nehemiah, he said, the Israelite were in captivity for several years while the walls of Jerusalem lie in ruin, it was until Nehemiah rose up that the walls were rebuilt in 52 days.

He said if there was a “Nehemiah” in any group, the tax ahead no matter how difficult it might be, could be resolved.

He warned that leadership was not about the ability to be eloquent but rather how to perform the tax ahead, using the life of Moses and Aaron and how God rather chose Moses over Aaron who was very eloquent.

The Apostle said God did not choose Aaron because he had no stamina to stand the pressure from the people and this was made evident when he ended up leading the people into idolatry when Moses was away just for a 40 days in a fasting and prayer session in the presence of God.

He emphasized that when God found a leader he was able to perform better than an eloquent person.

Apostle Mensah said although majority carried the vote in a democracy, they might not always be right in the sight of God.

He said only two of them, Joshua and Caleb were in the right but the rest of the ten who constitute the majority were in the wrong.

He again cautioned leaders, who bowed under pressure, to rather adhere to biblical doctrines.

Apostle Mensah identified 10 pit falls in leadership, which include the leader being too busy in performing his God given work but forgets fellowshipping with God.

He said others include being interested in drawing the crowd to yourself, and forgetting of God, pride, sexual sins, love of money and materialism, neglect of family at the expense of work, plateauing instead of progressing, extremes of discouragements and elatedness.

He urged all leaders to put in place a plan of succession, saying the leader should not die with the vision.

“The leader may die but the group, nation or company must live on. Moses was able to groom Joshua for an effective leadership role in Israel but Joshua died without leaving any succession plan in place,” he said.

Apostle Mensah recommended that leaders must always prepare for the future and to move their people forward towards the will of God.

“Any leader who does not end his career or God given work well; is a failure and every leader must strive to end well,” the Apostle stressed. GNA

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