Mourning Governor of Kaduna, Azazi and seeking GOD’s face, with Prophet TB Joshua

The nation wakes with mourning today, as yesterday, Saturday December 15, 2012 saw the untimely demise of Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, Former National Security Adviser General Owoye Andrew Azazi, two security aides and the pilot and co-pilot. They were returning from Bayelsa where they had attended the burial ceremony of the father of the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Douglas Oronto.

These high profile government officials were flying together in a military helicopter when they encountered difficulties and crashed near Yenegoa, Bayelsa.

The question on everyone’s mind, is, where are the leaders, visionaries, intermediaries who are to guide us against such misfortunes? Nigeria prides herself on her deep commitment to and faith in the Almighty God. Were there no men of vision to reveal what the future held for our dear, respected leaders? Will senseless tragedies such as these continue?

Although we are in a sensitive state of mourning, we must remind ourselves that from the time of the kings of the Old Testament, leaders and rulers have sought someone stronger, smarter and wiser than they in the affairs of their governments. Have we, as a nation forgotten that heritage?

One cannot help but recall at this point that a mere day before this crisis occurred, our president carried the affairs of state to a prominent man of God for prayers, Pastor Enoch Adeboye. (

The meeting with the pastor was held on Friday, December 14th and the crash occurred on Saturday, December 15th. The question we must ask ourselves: Where was the prophetic message to forewarn of this tragedy lurking in the air? Where was the spiritual advice, guiding against this untimely death? Where was our spiritual advantage? What was the purpose of the prayer offered, with our president on his knees if it was not for the protection of the government and her officials? As one man despairingly wrote, “I wish God had given Daddy GO a revelation that a disaster was about to happen at President Jonathan’s state of Bayelsa. As Mr President was kneeling in front of the Man of God praying for ‘DIVINE INTERVENTION’ Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and former National Security Adviser Andrew Owoye Azazi and others now make up another statistic of the rising number of deaths in our country.”

Alas, without a vision, the people perish.

When searching for the answers to such disturbing questions, I turned to the internet, our means of communicating a message and uncovering an answer. Lo and behold I found myself face to face with a flurry of news, all regarding a striking message given and repeated not once or twice but three times regarding this exact event.

On January 2, 2011: “People from either a government or society should not enter a plane and say they are flying from one state to another. I see the blood of personalities flowing. They should not enter the same plane and say they are flying from one state to another for any reason in this country. There is danger. This is a plane crash. Any time they are travelling, they should not be more than one inside the same plane. Other people can go and join different planes, not together.”

Again, on July 15, 2012: “The issue of Nigeria aircraft, we are to pray. Those people who matter in society, they should not go inside the plane, together in one plane because I see satan wants to destroy these people who matter in society.”

Finally, on Oct 27, 2012: “Where will these people go, you, Governor, and you put yourself inside a plane and go together with your aid? Where are they going? They should not put themselves inside the same plane, aircraft and go. I’m seeing this thing very close.”

Direction, instruction and revelation had come – but from a little hearkened to voice, a voice that has been abused, threatened and fought against. The voice of God that spoke His Words through Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of The SCOAN.

“People ask why we say this, why we speak of calamities and they send abuse. Satan is fighting and we too, are fighting? It has become a crime to say, “Don’t go there; it is a trap”. Is that a crime to warn my people of danger?” TB Joshua asked during his service at The SCOAN, where he called for a one minute of silence for the departed souls.

Truly, is it a crime to forewarn of danger?

Or rather, is it not a crime to ignore a warning that would have saved the lives of our cherished government officials?

We must ponder these questions as we prepare to bury our beloved friends, family members, leaders and officials. May their souls rest in peace and may this be the last time.

Latte Lucie

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