Activities return to normal in Accra

Barely eight hours after the declaration of the results of the 2012 presidential elections, the streets of some parts of Accra have returned to normal with most people going about their normal duties.

Most places along some principal streets in Accra were busy as usual and there was heavy traffic at most of the places.

Although most people had thronged the streets in jubilation last night after the declaration of the results, very few were spotted in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party T Shirts and paraphernalia.

Some supporters also kept on shouting the party slogan, “ede bee keke” as they saw people in the party colours indicating their joy about the victory of the NDC.

“We do not want free education, but we want quality, and that is what we have got, Ghana has indeed spoken, and we are all very happy”, some said.

They were optimistic that the NDC would deliver and prove to the people of Ghana that they were very committed to ensure a second term of the better Ghana Agenda. GNA

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