The African Union & The United Nations Must Condemn Rwanda For Assisting M23 Rebels

By Kofi Thompson

It is totally unacceptable that in 21st century Africa, fellow Africans can be traumatised on the scale being witnessed in the tragedy now unfolding in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) must ensure that those responsible for the trail of death and destruction in DR Congo, are eventually indicted and tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, for crimes against humanity.

No matter what the M23’s leader, Colonel Vianey Kazaramah’s complaints are, nothing can justify taking up arms against one’s own country and subjecting one’s fellow citizens to untold hardship, on a scale that is almost apocalyptic.

Those responsible for the abominable crimes against humanity that are occurring in the villages lying in the path of the advancing M23 rebels, must not be allowed to get away with the endless suffering being experienced by so many ordinary people in eastern DR Congo.

Yesterday, it was General Nkunda rebelling against the central government in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, it is Colonel Vianey Kazarama.

Clearly, both of them have had the support of elements within Rwanda’s ruling elite, in their rebellions.

Although on paper Rwanda is a democracy, in reality it is effectively a police state in which nothing goes on without the knowledge and consent of the highly-intelligent despot who rules it with an iron fist, President Paul Kagame.

It is intolerable that a nation in which genocide occurred years ago, continues to sponsor armed rebellions against its neighbour DR Congo, which result in such widespread misery and the mass slaughter of innocents.

The time has come for the African Union (AU) and the United Nation’s to put diplomatic niceties aside, and condemn Rwanda’s leadership in no uncertain terms – and demand that they end their support for armed rebellions in the DR Congo immediately.

If they fail to confront Rwanda’s leaders this time round, they will have the blood of the teeming innocents now being murdered daily in eastern DR Congo on their hands.

Whiles condemning Rwanda, the AU and the UN must also assist the DR Congo’s government to move the Rwandan Hutu refugees in the eastern DR Congo enmasse, to the west of that nation.

That will finally remove the eternal excuse for Rwanda’s constant meddling in the DR Congo’s internal affairs – and deny Rwanda’s elite the opportunity it offers them to rob the DRC of some of its vast mineral wealth.

With respect, to maintain their credibility with ordinary Africans, both the African Union and the United Nations must condemn Rwanda for assisting the DR Congo M23 rebels. A word to the wise…

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