Vodafone broadband devices are Windows 8 compatible

Customers using Vodafone broadband mobile devices have the privilege of being first to experience the newly launched Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System in Ghana without the need to download or install new software or drivers.

This is because Vodafone Ghana, the CIMG Telecom Company of the year, has worked with Microsoft to allow the seamless integration of their mobile broadband devices in the Windows 8 Operating System.

“Vodafone installation software for our dongles and MiFi devices is now embedded in the Windows 8 Operating System so that when our customers plug in their devices, it automatically detects it and launches the Vodafone mobile broadband application,” Ebenezer Ampadu, Head of Terminals Vodafone Ghana said at an experiential session with journalists on Monday.

The Windows 8 Operating System is an all-new touch reinvented from the principles of the Windows 7 speed and reliability introducing significant changes to primarily focus on providing a seamless integration between mobile devices, tablets and laptops. “It does that by taking advantage of new or emerging technology called cloud computing,” Mr Ampadu said.

In order to allow customers to switch to the Windows 8, Mr Ampadu said “Vodafone, right from the beginning at the development stage, started working with Microsoft to allow its broadband devices, currently compatible with windows 7, to also be used on Windows 8 without the need to download or install new software or drivers.”

He said Vodafone Company had also developed a new web interface in Windows 8 that allows customers to monitor their data usage, top up and generally gives them better control of their browsing experience.

“With Windows 8 using SkyDrive, if you take pictures on your Windows 8 phone, they are automatically loaded onto your laptop. I can confidently say no one has this offer as we talk now in Ghana, except Vodafone Ghana. So we at Vodafone have our devices compatible with the Windows 8,” he said.

Antoinette Atuah, Corporate Communications Manager at Vodafone Ghana said in its commitment to lead in innovation and bring cutting edge technology to its customers, Vodafone would on Friday November 23rd introduce to its customers in Ghana the latest HTC Windows 8 mobile phone.

“When you think innovation, think Vodafone. Today all our broadband devices are compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System. We are the first to introduce this in Ghana and to our cherish customers,” She said.

The HTC 8x phone gives a unique user experience because it is designed with people in mind and allows the user to personalize their device giving them better control.

Vodafone Ghana was also the first to bring the Sumsung Galaxy S II, and the Blackberry Torch mobile phones to Ghana.


Ebenezer Ampadu (left) explaining how Vodafone devices work with Windows 8 to a journalist. GNA

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