leading Australian Professor on Environment visits Ghana

Professor Ray Wills, Australia Clean Energy Expert and one of the top 100 Global Sustainable Energy experts is in Ghana to participate in a three-day West Africa Clean Energy and Environment Conference (WACEE) in Accra.

The conference which slated for November 6 to November 8 would feature speakers from politics, industry and science and serve as an ideal platform to bring together the knowledge and experience from different sectors.

The three-day conference will also feature domestic and international exhibitors from the Oil and Gas, Hydropower, Renewable Energies (Solar, Wind, Biomass), Energy Efficiency, Water and Wastewater Management and Waste Management sectors.

At a reception organised by the Australia High Commission in Accra on Monday in honour of Prof Wills, Mr William Billy Williams, Australia High Commissioner said the visit adds to Australia’s support of Ghana’s environmental and renewable energy initiative.

He said Australia’s assistance includes Accra Environmental Film Festival and installation of solar energy in rural Ghana and other parts of the West Africa.

Mr William said the High Commission is a consistent supporter of Ghanaian activities in the annual “Clean-Up The World Campaign”, a worldwide initiative that began in Australia in 1989.

He said the community-based support complements Australia’s efforts to tackle international climate change.

“Australia is working hard in negotiations to develop a new long-term approach for global cooperation”

“Tackling climate change is a priority for Australia which is threatening our country’s and indeed global economic prosperity and the environment.

“Prof Wills visit shows that we keen to find sustainable solutions and share experiences with Ghana.”

Prof Wills will use his maiden visit to West Africa to chair the WACEE session on waste management and recycling and share his expertise with senior representatives of government, the private sector and academia.

He will also visit the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant and meet beneficiaries of Australia-funded environmental projects.

Prof Wills is one of Australia’s leading scientist with substantial expertise in ecology, sustainability and climate change science. GNA

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