Amissah Arthur versus Mohamudu Bawumiah,who is who?

IEA debate has attracted yet another attention,this time round on the presidential candidates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).The talk of the town is about who is the most intelligent and experienced economist to take our dear nation into an industrialised state.

The following piece of information could give you a gist of the capabilities of these two candidates.

Mr Amissah Arthur now Vice president of the republic of Ghana (July 2012-till date). He was the governor Bank of Ghana (2009-2012),Deputy Minister of Finance (1993-1997), Deputy Secretary of the ministry of finance and economic planning (1986-1993).

Mr Amissah Arthur lectured in economics at University of Ghana (1983-1993). He also Lectured at Anambra State College of Education Nigeria.

In his field as an economist he worked with Sigma one corporation as senior economist. He also worked with the Danish Foreign Ministry.

Mr Arthur became a consultant for world bank in Gambia and was also employed as a consultant for the Netherlands government on an educational project in Ghana.

Mr Arthur also carried out an assignment for the ministry of foreign affairs, Denmark.


In Ghana he worked with Ghana National petroleum Company, National procurement Agency and also Ghana supply commission. He is well known among his peers as a heavy weight in economics and an academecian by nature.


Dr Bawumiah now vice presidential candidate of the NPP served as Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana.He worked with IMF (1994-1996). He lectured at Baylor university Texas, USA.

Ladies and gentlemen these are the running mates for the main political parties in Ghana.In your opinion who is who? when it comes to experience,exposure and governance?

 Michael Frempong

(Political Analyst-London)

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