UK-based think-tanks slam racial hatred

Three UK-based think-tanks have slammed racial and ethnic hatred for others, as the root cause of most problems in the history of humankind.

“A situation where human beings are human-rights-ignorant and are the greatest violators of human rights is a potent recipe for continued human self-inflicted societal disasters, the group said.

This was contained in a statement issued by Dr Koku Adomdza President of the three organisations listed as The Great Trust, Council for Afrika International and Afrika Liberation, UK-based think-tanks during the celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the anti-Watson, Scientific/Academic Racism Campaign.

Dr Adomdza said the phenomenon of scientific racism has continued to manufacture and fuel a different form of foreign domination based on Caucasian supremacist thinking and has effectively foisted the instrument of “Divide and Rule and Dependency”, which culminated in entrenching economic underdevelopment in Africa.

He said the neo-colonialist status-quo in Africa is very much synergistic with the tenets of scientific racism, so long as the African Continent and its rich resources continue to first serve the strategic interests of foreign elements alongside those of Africa’s minority ruling elite.

“We wish that the current Africans in leadership would see through the wool of dependency and make a claim for the restoration of the entitlements of the majority of African Peoples so as to be remembered as the African Leaders who redeemed their people from the Wider African Holocaust.”

Dr Adomdza said no human being has got the right to undermine the inalienable human rights of other human beings.

He expressed dissatisfaction about practical scientific racism, which he described as Afrophobia, and is behind the horrific images that is often paraded by the world’s media on screen and in print and utilised by international charitable aid agencies to raise funds.

“One of the many striking enigmas of racial extremist supremacist bigoted forms of Afrophobia and anti-Africanism is how those who hate Africans and all things African are impervious to the inalienable fundamental human rights of Africans, cannot resist the temptation of grabbing a greedy share, whatever it takes, of the rich natural resource endowments of the African Continent.

“On the fifth anniversary of the anti-scientific and academic racism campaign, we remember and pay tribute to the hundreds and millions of unknown victims of race equality and human rights terrorism. Their sacrifices would not be in vain.

“We remember and pay tribute to the pioneers that demonstrated unparalleled courage in resisting and taking a clear stand against the scourge of Afrophobic and anti-African terrorism throughout generations from the cartel slave raiders, plantation owners, destroyers of African civilisation, imperialist colonisers, apartheid, exploiters of Africa’s rich natural resources, accessories /facilitators of illicit record capital flight out of Africa,” Dr Adomdza said.

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