11 African journalists arrive at Washington to cover US elections

(Mildred Siabi-Mensah, Special Correspondent in Washington DC, Courtesy US Embassy)

Washington, Oct 31, – The Africa Bureau and the Washington Foreign Press Centre (FPC) of the United States Department of State is hosting 11 West African and Ethiopian Journalists on a working tour of the November 6 US elections.

The working tour has been designed by the FPC and its associates to equip journalists with the needed information on the United States system of elections to enable them to properly inform the African population and also highlight the issues at stake for the American People.

Ms Zanaib Mahama in a nomination letter said that the tour would highlight the significance of a free and independent press to the democratic process, explain the structures of the US political system and explore relationship between political candidates, process and the media.

Participating Journalists would meet political commentators, academic experts and community organisers for a more informed reporting on the run up to the elections and the election night as well.

It is believed that the reporting tour will help journalists in future coverage of political news in their home country. GNA

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