Bible Society of Ghana to launch new Asante Twi Bible

The Bible Society of Ghana will on Saturday October 7, launch the new revised Asante Twi Bible at the McKweon Temple, Church of Pentecost, Asokwa in Kumasi.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Reverend Erasmus Odonko, General Secretary of the Society, said formerly the society had a unified Akan Bible for all Akan speakers and as a result there was a call from section of the public for the need to have the Bible other local languages for better understanding.

Rev Odonkor explained that before the revision the society conducted a random survey in Accra and Kumasi and the result was that majority of the respondents prefer the bible to be translated in the local languages of every tribe.

He explained that certain phrases in the old Akan Bible were changed to suit the understanding of the users adding that the Akan Bible is the highest selling in the country and that the bridal bibles have also been translated into Asante Twi .

Rev Odonkor said some of the new changes in the revised Asante Twi Bible are the old-fashioned languages usages and replaced with current words that are known and accepted by all for simple understanding adding that a word like “birefi” now becomes “Esiam” (Genesis 18:6).

He said the new revised Asante Twi Bible comes with changes in grammar aimed at ensuring that parts of speech like the verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns agree with the biblical language structures. For instance the past tense of “kum, kunkum” has now changed to “kumm, kunkumm” (Numbers 33:4).

Mr said Nathaniel Nunno said the new revised Asante Twi Bible comes with important value-added features which include preface to the whole Bible, introductions to each book of the Bible, picture illustrations and words deemed to have been direct speeches of Jesus are rendered in red letters, footnotes and additional maps.

He said certain words and phrases in the old Asante Bible were ambiguous and made understanding difficult but were words and phrases used that were understood by people of biblical times.

He explained that the word like “……mommra ma yenni” is ambiguous and now changed to “…….mommra ma yemfa adwene” (Isaiah 1: 18).

Mr Nunoo said the big Bible which are place on the pulpit have also been translated into Asante Twi Bible with big text to aid readers who finds it difficult reading and encouraged parents to speak their native language to their wards.

He said the society is planning to come out with Bible in audio in the local languages so that as one drive he or she can listen to the word of God.

Mr Nunoo encouraged all native of Asante Twi to purchase the Bible after the launch at all the bookshops since they have all the various sizes available. GNA

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