GCPP presents its “Modern Domestication for a Modern Ghana” 2012 manifesto

The executive body of the GCPP is proud to present its 2012 manifesto entitled a “Modern Domestication for a Modern Ghana”. The manifesto outlines Dr. Henry Lartey’s plan to generate 3 million new jobs by converting Accra into Africa’s first solar city, and establishing Ghana as the continents first sustainable economy.

In a press release last week, Timothy McPherson described the manifesto as being the most comprehensive coming out of Ghana to date. He said that “the GCPP may be Ghana’s smallest political party, but they have the greatest vision, a clear plan, and have best articulated the hopes and aspirations of the people of Ghana”. Mr. McPherson is Canada’s foremost economist on pan-African development, he is the CEO of the Pan-African Energy Fund, and Secretary-General of the Time for Africa Campaign.

At the weekend, the GCPP highlighted the following points from the manifesto on facebook:
Why solar energy?
Energy is the cornerstone of modern economies. Without it, we are powerless in every sense of the word. Globally, energy is among the largest national industries, representing hundreds of billions of dollars. Today we understand that energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are the keys to ensuring both environmental protection and economic progress. Here in Ghana we have access to the whole spectrum of renewable energy resources, including: solar, wind, hydropower, and fuels made from crops and plants (biomass).
GCPP is creating a policy of Solar Homes & Energy Efficient Communities so that we can use renewable energy technologies to create more than 2 million jobs.

Why sustainable communities?
Sustainable development through planned energy efficient communities is a common sense approach to making change. We know that one day Accra will reach a population of 5 million people, so why not be ready for it.
The most recent statistics of our great nation Ghana suggest that our people number 24.2 million, consisting of 11.8 million men (49%) and 12.4 million women (51%). Our population has grown by 28% in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, this population growth has not been accompanied by equivalent increases in economic activities, nor has it been matched by improvements in residential housing.
GCPP is charting a path to create sustainable residential communities in Ghana that recognize the growth in our population and reflect our needs and aspirations not only for moderate improvements in GDP and theoretical living standards, but for a real Modern Ghana that can be seen on every street, in every classroom, and in every home.

Why electric cars?
While most people discuss electronic cars in-terms of costs or the kilometers they can drive, few Ghanaians appreciate the business and economic benefits behind the automotive industry. For example, in 2011 Mercedes Benz sold 1.3 million cars which generated the company revenues in excess of €106.5 billion. To put that in perspective, Ghana’s GDP during the same time period was only €37 billion which means that one German car company produces more than three times the monetary value of our entire nation.
Let’s build a MODERN GHANA and manufacture electric cars DOMESTICALLY thereby creating jobs for hundreds of thousands of people. That is DOMESTICATION.

GCPP welcomes the press and the entire popuation of Ghana to review the manifesto, which is available online at the GCPP homepage, www.greatconsolidatedpopularparty.org and we also welcome you to follow us on facebook and twitter at GCPP Ghana.

Dr. Henry Lartey says the 2012 elections must be about policies and economics, as opposed to political parties and personalities. Domestication is the way forward.

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