Kofi Wayo Threatens to deal with Rawlings

The founder and flag bearer of the United Renaissance Party (URP), Charles Kofi Wayo has threatened to deal with the former President Jerry John Rawlings, should any tragedy happen to President John Dramani Mahama.

Mr. Kofi Wayo was reacting to a text message from some keen listeners of his usual Sunday evening’s show dubbed ‘Common Sense’ last Sunday on Vibe fm; an Accra based radio station.

The listener’s text message requested to know Kofi Wayo’s take on the endorsement of President John Dramani Mahama by the former president Jerry John Rawlings at the national delegate congress in Kumasi on Thursday 30th 2012.

Kofi Wayo in his reaction mentioned that the manner at which Jerry John Rawlings chastised the late President Mills for not heeding to his orders was not befitting of a former president.
He therefore cautioned the former president not to dare any mischief against the president Mahama else he, Kofi Wayo himself shall take the former president on.

“All I can tell Rawlings is this; Rawlings…….. If any thing happens to John Mahama, we will hold you responsible okay………..okay……” “You can go ahead on top of Mahama”. If any thing happens to John Mahama… like Akah or something we no go sit down… we no go sit down……’ he said.

He said for 44 months, “Rawlings has being abusing you (Mahama)”. This is because “He (Rawlings) believes Ghanaians are stupid”. He feels “no one confronts him one any issue. “He knows Ghanaians are fools cos he tells his friends…………….” “You don’t confront him and say “hey! You were president, why did you sell the companies to your wife? No, No, No, No… but he believes Ghanaians are stupid.”

“Rawlings will never make friends with any Ghanaian who is intelligent, he will never do that…. cos he feels he has to dominate.” He said.

Kofi Wayo however charged Ghanaians to use common sense and standup and fight. “We can’t allow people who come and sell all our properties to their wives to come and tell us what to do” he added.

Talking about situations such as poverty, water and electricity facing the people of Ghana, Mr. Wayo said there is hope. “We can change it; we can change it, you know….when we get the press (media) to start talking about the needs of the people instead of bringing these politicians on radios talking the same crap.” We will make headway.

Source: VibeGhana.com

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  1. This kofi wayo guy is a sick headed stupid idiot, what can he do to Rawlings. Besides how many hasn’t his weapons of mass destruction killed and continues to kill.He should know by now that Ghanaians know of his true intentions, if not for Rawlings can he kofi wayo sit down there today and say nonsense. After all what he wants is political attention, he doesn’t know any other way than to take on Rawlings. Rawlings is not a push over as he thinks.

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