New Free Press To Investigate Government Ministers Properties Abroad

Ghanaians would be pleased to know that the investigations editor of the New Free Press Roland Amankwanor would be travelling to France, Cyprus, Great Britain and USA from the 1st of September to 15th of September to follow the trail of information involving certain members of the government, NDC ministers and Deputy ministers who have bought hundreds of properties, farms, factories, vehicles, and jewellery in these countries. There is also dramatic evidence that 2 former ambassadors, who are now ministers in the Mills government are still using our embassies to engage in all sorts of fraudulent deals and programmes costing the state and injuring the reputation of Ghana .Another young deputy minister of state has also bought a home in the Chicago area in the USA, surely it makes sense to find the truth and report it to the general public.

Another serious issue is the revelation from our sources in the castle that someone very close to the current President John Mahama has defrauded the state of an amount close to 500 million dollars which the Presidency is desperate to cover as it will cause severe damage to Ghana’s international image. The trail of this scandal leads to a company in the USA and Roland Amankwanor is determined to get to the bottom of it.

The New Free Press believes that Ghanaian leaders especially the incumbents must submit themselves to the probity and accountability test. We refer our leaders also to the directive principles of state policy as enshrined in our constitution.

Roland Amankwanor will be away for 15 days . I call on all Ghanaians to remember him in their prayers as he embarks on a demanding, difficult but well intentioned assignment all in the name of building a better Ghana.

Suraju Ali Musah Mohamed
Managing Editor
New Free Press

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