Mediawatch calls for Emmanuel Buah and Collins Dauda’s resignation

Mediawatch Research Associates
Special Report


We will never relent in our efforts for Mr Emmauel Buah , the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mr Collins Dauda, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources to stop the cheating and the naked milking of their own people, the people they swore to serve. He must think we are joking with our expose of his involvement in the selling of government lands at the expense of farmers in the western region. He must think the pocketing of over 3000,000 dollars in illegal and questionable payments , payments which should go to government chest is a laughing matter . In fact these lands should never have been sold in the first place. Mr Emmanuel Buah and Mr Collins Dauda are a disgrace and are unfit to call themselves Ghanaians.
We are once again calling on the Attorney General’s department and the security agencies to investigate and stop the activities of these two ministers.
Mediawatch is once again stating as a matter of fact that that government lands in forest reserve areas in the Evalue Gwira area in the Western Region been have been sold . Cocoa farms which were on these state lands and are worth over 10 million Ghana cedis to the nation, have been burnt down to make way for a so called mining and housing project. As a reward for securing these lands, the Huangdong company has appointed Mr Emmanuel Buah as a non executive director where he is receiving 10,000 dollars a month. We have also reported the activities of Mr Collins Dauda in brong Ahafo Region. Mr Collins Dauda also received three Ssangyong 4X4 vehicles. He has also been appointed as an adviser to the company and being paid 5,000 dollars a month.
The late President Mills has still not explained to us why these ministers are allowed to joke with the lives of thousands of farmers . Why are we sitting down for 2 greedy men to bamboozle farmers, who produce cash and food crops, on government land for the benefit of the people of Ghana to be quietly displaced , without any resettlement and compensation? Why are we allowing Government Minsters who have taken an oath to defend our country , protect our people and work in the interest for our people, keep behaving like slave masters, enslaving and depriving our people of what they have left, their birthright and dignity?

The new President John Mahama must stop these corrupt acts now!

Haleema Asana Kabore
Executive Director
Mediawatch Research Associates

Paul Kaleku
Chief Investigator,
Mediawatch Research Associates

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