Ethiopia PM Meles Zenawi Dead? update

An Ethiopian official says the country’s leader, who has not been seen in public for more than a month, is recovering from an illness and will be back at work by September.

His comments on Friday follow a report in the British newspaper The Financial Times on Thursday that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been in frequent contact with South Africa’s former president to discuss African Union negotiations with Sudan and South Sudan.

Ethiopian government officials have said Meles is on sick leave, but deny previous reports he was being treated in Europe.

Speaking to a radio station in Australia that serves Ethiopian immigrants, Information Minister Bereket Simon said Meles’ health is improving and he will be back at work before the Ethiopian new year on September 11.

However the Information Minister had no comment when asked what illness Mr. Meles was suffering from.

Meles’ absence from public view and occasional rumors he has died have raised concerns over a possible successor for him. The prime minister has ruled Ethiopia since a 1991 coup. VOA


  1. Dear our friends in Africa,

    It is very important for Africa´s HUMAN RIGHTS!
    Please stop dictator who do crimes against HUMAN RIGHTS!
    Dear God please bless Africa´s human rights and keep them safe well.
    Please let all the human rights have right for vote new president and do important security in Africa.
    The human rights have right to get good development of knowledge of soceity, education, socail care, etc………… May God bless Africa and keep them safe well. Amen 

  2. It was very truly sad history about Ethiopia´s dictator Meles Zenawi was very EVIL, because he committed crimes to love kill, jail and torture HUMANITY RIHGTS.
    Why did he committed crimes against HUMAN RIGHTS?

    Please Stop new EVIL LEADERS again in Ethiopia.
    May God bless Ethiopia and keep all the people´s human rights for ever and ever. Amen.

  3. We all know
    Ethiopian government assigned paid cadres to comment on articles… rather than
    that the rest of 80 million people of Ethiopia know the dictatorship who languish
    innocent citizens in jail and kill those who refused to convict for false
    accusations or work for the Government. I wish Zenawi is dead by now. I was his
    prisoner 10 years ago, his militias not only tortured me physically but
    insulting the ethnic group I belong almost on the daily base during my 2 and ½ years
    prison time. I figured out they did that purposely to hurt me psychologically.
    I don’t think Ethiopia had evil leaders in its 3000 years history.

  4. If Meles is as some say very special person to you, why did he hid himself. Is that what you expect from respected person like him? Should the people wait the international community to approve his health condition, while the minister of communication siting in office?  Let’s agree on all the justifications given by government officials are true. Does it cost him anything to come out and say “I am alive”. This could possibly add up to his good names. Disappearing for more than 7 weeks from the people shows his and the officials disrespect to the people.
    A leader without pride cannot be praised. He has been lying to the world in the name of economic growth.  He was a kind of leader who does even not understand the importance of democracy. Remember he believes as long as there is development in a country you can; kill, jail, tortured, force people leave the country, no free press, no freedom in genera. So he was a person who could not ling Democracy and growth. How can you feed a person if you kill him? How can you talk about the future for those who are buried in a mass grave?  Is that growth for few members of the ruling party? Growth should be to the people who put him in power. It is for people who need to seek the future. To sum up, whatever happen to him, hiding the information from the rightful people is nonsense!!!!!

  5. zenaw is a dictator. Africa will be better without Zenawi. God save africa from dictators like zenawi.

  6. God will bless him….if not God will put him in heaven and give Ethiopians brilliant leader like him… 

    Meles Zenawi imprisoned journalists, tortured and killed several thousands of innocent Ethiopians. Zenawi has committed crime against humanity. He must face justice for the crime he committed. 
    Meles zenawi has dual personality. His fake personality is pretending as visionary democrat leader for outsiders. He pretend as he fight terrorism, on the contrary he terrorise his own people. At the back of the seen Meles Zenawi true personality is cruel dictator, a pathological liar and deceiver. Meles and his corrupted government can never be trusted by the Ethiopian people.
    In 2002 national election he lost the vote but he jailed oppositions leaders and he remain in power illegally.
    What we have in Ethiopia today is Meles Zenawi’s Tigray ethnic/ tribe superiority. In all sectors, religion (both Christian and Muslim leaders are from Tigray), politics (Most Ministers including the PM are from Tigray tribe, in The Ministry of Defence 99% Generals and other higher officers are from Tigray), economical, and social sectors are controlled by these shameless Tigrays. They are fully engaged in ethnic dominance. Though, Tigray are less than 9% of the total population.
    Meles is responsible for the death and suffering of millions of innocent Ethiopians. Tyranny dictator Meles Zenawi, his corrupted wife and officials must brought to justice for the crime they committed against our be loved country and fellow Ethiopians. Tegray party, TPLF, is a bunch of irresponsible short sighted selfish gangsters.
    The Ethiopian People know the ultimate goal of Meles and his tribe party. We believe Ethiopian has a true God. God will save our country from these Satan missionaries. Meles’s party, TPLF and EPRDF, are out dated ideology is not only destructive for Ethiopia but it is also dangerous for the whole Africa nations. Kenya is our good neighbour. Some tribes in Ethiopia and Kenya share the same language and culture. Because ethnic politics is dangerous for peace and stability some Kenya scholars are very scared of Meles Zenawi ethnic based federalism.
    Meles was power-hungry. He plotted sabotage on Ethiopia politics. In 1980s he was a rebel leader of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He fought against Mengistu Haile Mariam regime. At that time his liberation front was logistically and politically supported by Arab nations like Iran, Sudan, …et cetera. In 1991 after Mengistu fled from the country to Harare, Meles became Ethiopian prime minister. The former Marxist leader, Meles Zenawi, after victory he align him self with western countries and he comes to the front as  anti terrorism fighter. For the sake of western aid and to stay in power he killed innocent Somalian.
    The whole Ethiopian people are under Dictator Meles Zenawi and his Tigrean party TPLF suppuration. In Washington DC G8 meeting Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw demonstrates as Ethiopian people need freedom. Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
    Meles Zenawi must face justice for the crime he committed. 

  8. I wish there to be a day for all Africans’ where they talk about the economy and development rather than about an individual and human right abuse here and there which has to be the very basic.Africa One Nation under God. Why is it that everyone play on Africa first the Europe and now China and India.When is that the leaders of Africa wake up from their sleep and think big.
    Why we even give a name of country for the states saying Sudan, ethiopia… these are states of Africa.

    GOD Bless Africa!

  9. we Ethiopians do not want to see him again. Go dictator meles! The butcher, and crime minister of Ethiopia!

  10. Meles Zenawi is so special person for Africa and z world at all.He has a lot of things to do as he he has done so far in his position.I wish long life for him and hopefully God will give him his blessings.He is a pride of all Africans. He is z only person with a special IQ that may appear in z world once in an era. long live to Meles and curious people who carried z same attitude and objectives 2 their home land.
    He is z way of bright life,a candle to z people of Africa,good example for z new generation and so on and so forth.

  11. Berhanu Endegena

    Amen! God is Merciful God!  We expect new things from him!

  12. He is dead … ethiopian gov’t playing game with media and his own people … they just wait for a right time to announce …

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