Ablakwa Renders the Ministry of Information Useless

We the Young Patriots, UK branch feel scandalised and embarrassed to hear the Deputy Minister of Information, Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa’s continuous insinuations that the word ‘STEALER’ does not exist in any dictionary and wonders why the former Greater Accra Regional Minister, Sheik IC Quaye, should refer to “the NDC/Mills gov’t officials as STEALERS”. Sheik IC Quaye recently referred to the Prez Mills’ gov’t judgment debt ministers and debt contractors as ‘Stealers’ at the NPP campaign inauguration rally at Dome.

Ablakwa argues that “The word Stealer does not exist in any dictionary. We deem this Ablakwa’s assertion as really ridiculous and disturbing as coming from a minister of state. Though we understand that, this may be trivia and inconsequential to worth our precious time to discuss it, Mr Ablakwa’s display of ignorance and bewilderment of the word ‘Stealers’ is extremely frightening.

Some simple definitions by dictionary.reference.com of the word STEALERS are 1) To take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force. 2) To commit or practice theft. 3) To move, bring, convey, or put secretly or quietly; smuggle (usually followed by away, from, in, into, etc. Therefore, how possible can a deputy minister of state with a degree from our nation finest university (Legon) Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa argue without any compunction that the word “Stealer” does not exist. This is shameful.

This young man ‘Ablakwa’, a Deputy Minister of Information through his weak-mindedness, absurdity and silliness has managed to render the whole ministry of Information utterly contemptible and sublimely useless. We can recall that, two deputy ministers of Information have already been moved and replaced at the ministry within the past three years but Ablakwa has never been moved. Zeta Okaikwei and John Tia both substantive Ministers of Information were sacked just because they were seen as incompetent and lacking the NDC experience to perpetuate lies and insults.

Yesterday 16th July, something overly dramatic happened during the well publicised press conference by the ministry of Information in Accra. We the Young Patriots-UK, agrees with many Ghanaians and analysts who have said that it was un-perspicuous to see the substantive Minister of Information Mr Fritz Baffour as an M.C at a press conference organised by his ministry whilst his deputy Okudzeto Ablakwa sits down, read press statement and answer pressmen’s questions.

This is very disgraceful and demeaning. It’s like seeing Prez Mills as an MC for John Mahama at press conference.

Ablakwa has managed to undermine Fritz Baffour and rendered him totally useless as well.

The big question everybody is asking today is what was the sense and import of the press conference held yesterday by the Ministry of Information? This was absolute waste of time and misuse of state resources.

Even Charles Kofi Wayo, has described the Deputy Information Minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa as “sometimes stupid” in the discharge of his duties. According to Mr Wayo, Ablakwa is being “stupid” and he appears to have lost sight of his core duty as a deputy minister of information. We agree with Mr Kofi Wayo that “Ablakwa has become a huge part of Prez Mills’ numerous Liabilities in the gov’t and therefore he (Okudzeto Ablakwa) must be sacked.

Pp: On behalf of the Young Patriots – UK branch.

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