Chiefs of Hohoe Zongo renders apology to Togbega Gabusu

A leadership delegation of Hohoe Zongo on Sunday officially rendered an unqualified apology to Togbega Gabusu, Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area, its elders and people of the Gbi State, for the complicity in conduct that led to the violent communal clash that claimed lives and properties in the area recently.

This encounter was the first face-to-face meeting between Togbega Gabusu and the leadership of Hohoe Zongo since the clashes broke in June.

Alhaji Tarjudeen Mairiga, Hohoe Sarki Zongo, led the team, which included Kotokoli, Chief Abdul Karim Salihu, Zamrama Chief Misbao Awudu and Dagomba Chief Adam Yusif and some opinion leaders from the Zongo area to show remorse to their overlord.

Mr Battuta Ibn Alhassan, spokesman for the delegation, said after sober reflection on the incident and its repercussion on the Gbi State, they had realized the harm done by the in-discretionary act on the part of some Zongo youths and wished to beg for forgiveness.

He said “No amount of words can satisfy the Gbi State, but we plead that they be forgiven out of magnanimity. The lessons learnt in the incident were enough to guide us in future behaviour.”

Mr Alhassan reiterated that “Nothing of such magnitude and stature will ever happen again.”

He commended Vice President John Dramani Mahama, Sheikh Dr Usman Nuhu Sharabutu, National Chief Imam and Togbe Afede XIV, President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and other stakeholders for their roles in ensuring peace prevails in Hohoe.

In reaction, Togbega Gabusu expressed resentment at the conduct of the rampaging youth, whose motive was to assassinate him.

He said as a convention, any person who stayed in Hohoe continuously for at least six months was considered a citizen.

“We shall live and continue to live with the Zongo community in peace but described their action as a stab in the back,” Togbega added.
He said “If they say they are apologizing, I have nothing say but will demand justice in all these.”

He debunked assertions that the communal clashes stemmed from religious misunderstanding but “disrespect to authority.”

Dr Margaret Kweku, Hohoe Municipal Chief Executive, commended Togbega Gabusu VI and the Gbi State for the demonstration of decorum in the impasse.
She applauded the Zongo Community for showing remorse and apologizing as such saying “lasting peace in the area is as crucial as the development it yearns for.”

Communal violence broke-out between a section of the Hohoe Zongo youth and indigenes of Hohoe stemming from the issuance of burial rights and electrocution of a boy, leading to vandalisation of the Hohoe hospital and subsequently, the destruction of Togbega Gabusu’s palace and property.

The area has been under curfew and security protection with stakeholders attempting to broker peace. GNA

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