The Rising Stars Of GH Mixtape – First Single ” NEXT UP ”.

The Black Star Line championed by hip hop producer Coptic, in an effort to connect back to his roots is gathering the best of the underground from singers to MC’s who will get the platform to show the Hip Hop world how dope they are, on his coming Mixtape – The Rising Stars of GH.

The multi-platinum producer noted -“There is a crop of really good young GH MCs that need exposure and proper production. Since I could not produce every single one of them, I decided on this Mixtape as the perfect solution; because they are the future of GH hip hop.”

In order to break boundaries creatively, several underground artists who are yet to put out albums will get the golden opportunity to lay their bars on one of the beats Coptic is cooking up for the Mixtape, which will be up for free downloads this Christmas.

The first single “Next Up” will be dropping on July 21st, features C-Real, Ian Jazzi and 2Ras. “They should expect nothing but good flows, punch lines and metaphors” C-Real said in an interview with

“When you are recording with a local Hip Hop producer, people see it as another song from the little Hip Hop culture of Ghana, but when it’s with Coptic who has worked with the best of the best in the Hip Hop industry abroad, people know and take it serious” 2Ras opined.

“’Next Up’ together with the whole project is going to contain a lot of energy, good beats, sick lyrics and tracks that will last forever in your playlists” Ian Jazzi added.

Francis “Banks” Amissah Jnr who coordinates the Mixtape believes “working with a multi-platinum producer like Coptic will give the artists a greater motivation to work harder and increase the standard of GH music to meet international standard”.

“Next Up” which will be available for free downloads come July 21st sets the tone for several others which will be up for free downloads also because Coptic believes “that most GH music fans don’t want to buy music since they are used to getting it for free, so even though I’m against free downloads, I offer all my Mixtapes for free; But that does not include albums; if it’s an album, you will have to buy it.”

By Abdullai Isshak

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