The Management and staff of Ghana Cement Works (GHACEM) have commended GCB for introducing new innovative products and improving their services.

According to GHACEM, GCB loan facilities and other recently introduced products have helped staffs in expanding private businesses, construction of homes, payment of rent and school fees among others.

Mr Ebenezer Addo, Head of Cash & Bank, GHACEM, said the services of GCB have improved tremendously over the past five years.

He said before the introduction of GCB Corporate Internet Banking and the enhancement of the Bank’s systems, the company encountered some challenges in accessing their statements and reports.

Mr. Addo said “Now we are sure and certain that every morning they are available”, adding that this is necessary and laudable because of our dealings with our principals outside the country.

Mr. Cyril Barnor, Senior Accounts Supervisor, also revealed that GCB staff loan arrangement with GHACEM has been beneficial to more than 90 per cent of the workers of the company.

He said honesty and consistency in the release of the loans by the Bank as well as repayment by the staff on time have reposed confidence in GCB-GHACEM relationship.

He disclosed that GCB and other banks were approached by Management of GHACEM for loan facilities but GHACEM settled on GCB because of its competitive interest rate.

Mr. Barnor also said some of the staff who are beneficiaries of the GCB facility had benefitted twice saying that the adage, “GCB dea yaa ra ye bank” (translates as GCB is our own bank) .

The Staffs described GCB’s loans (staff loans) as low in terms of interest rate compared to others, speedy in approval and delivery.

The GCB Corporate Internet Banking as also improving general business relationship.

This was made known to the GCB customer team that visited the management of GHACEM.

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