Several hiplife and high life artistes have recently come under serious criticism for being featured in what is termed in our Ghanaian setting as “Gosple music” either because they are termed as “evil” or not deserving to do “Gospel” songs. Mention can be made of few artistes like Asem, Richie, Trigmatic and Sarkodie who have featured on tracks for Lady Prempeh on “Odo yi wohe”, Herty Borngreat on “Kano Seyaa” and “ ” etc.

The question that keeps running through my mind is “What lives do our high life and hiplife artistes live and what do they talk about in their songs that make the society feel they are undeserving to feature in gospel songs?” Mention can be made of former hiplife and high life artistes such as New Lord Kenya, Kontihene, Lazzy Dogg, Ofori Amponsah and Morris Baby Face who have all switched camps now to follow Christ and the questions asked above pop up again.

Lord Kenya on all platforms after his conversion has thrown light on his “weed” smoking and alcohol drinking ways and no exception can be made of Lazzy Dogg who revealed his living ways when he was a hiplife artiste. Talking at length to host of Homestretch, NY DJ on Kapital Radio, Lazzy Dogg disclosed how his manager used “sorcery” or black magic to help him and his music. He also commented on several issues relating to women and so many things.

However, a careful study of most songs by Lord Kenya, Ofori Amponsah, Kontinhene and Laazy Dogg proved that they mostly talked about societal issues, love, relationships and friendships and one is tempted to ask if that is evil, however, they have all condemned the lives they lived and I’m tempted to believe hiplife and high life artistes can never be Christians.

Before this publication, I took to twitter to find out if Hiplife and High life artistes could be good Christians and responses were varying and so would your opinion be as you read this article.

Let the arguments go on in your homes, cars, and radio discussion platforms and anywhere you find yourself.


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