2012 4Style TV Hip-Hop Awards slated for July

The match anticipated 4stye TV Hip-Hop Awards which is aimed at celebrating Hip-hop across the African continent including Ghana has been launched at the Silver Lounge, here in Accra with nominations in over nineteen (19) categories.

According to the organizers of the Awards ceremony, 4stye TV, Hip life played a vital role in educating Ghanaians on the fundamentals of Hip-hop and aspires to use the award show to leave an indelible mark not only in Ghana but Africa’s Hip-hop industry at large.

Addressing the gathering at the launched here in Accra, 4syte TV cum Yfm’s radio presenter Jeremie Van-Garshong explained that, “Each category represents a combination of both Ghana’s finest Hip-hop talent and a cross-section of that of Africa as well” and added that, “Nominations would include Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Angola amongst others”

“Therefore our approach to nominations can be compared to that of the MAMA’s or the Channel O Music Video Awards among others” she added.

She noted that the Awards ceremony will also serve as a huge boost for our tourism industry drawing international attention to our music industry with the inclusion of the nominees across Africa.

With regards to how the Awards piece is going to look like she said “4SYTE is well recognized for rewarding winners with the most creatively crafted award pieces and that the Music Video Awards was applauded for its Crystal 4 Kilo awards made out of pure glass”.

“However made out of metal with the 4SYTE logo embossed on one side and sponsors’ logo on the other our Hip-hop award therefore depicts the fusion of 4SYTE and Hip-hop”. She described

Some Hip-Hop artistes who graced the occasion at the launch were Hammer of Last Two, Scientific, J-Town, C-real among others.

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