Residents of Ntotroso Angry With Newmont Over Dead Fishes

Residents of Ntotroso have expressed concern over the death of quantity of fishes that were found in a restricted Newmont Ahafo Dam area in the Awonsuo River which joins the Tano River.
The dead fishes, according to our sources, were found dead on Wednesday morning but as at 12noon some staff of Newmont were in a boat removing the fishes from the restricted Newmont ECD 2Dam.
The Assemblyman of the Ntotroso, Maxwell Atuahene, said he had the information that a large number of fishes were dead in the Newmont ECD 2 river on Wednesday afternoon. However, on his visit to the place he saw some people in a boat removing the dead fishes from the river.
Mr. Atuahene said he saw that those in the boat had removed about four bags of dead fishes and were carrying them away.
According to him, it is not the first time such thing is happening in their community. He has therefore called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do a quick laboratory test so they will know what caused the death of the fishes.
The Assemblyman also called on government to withhold Newmont Ahafo Mines licence until such occurrences are taken care of.
Speaking to the Omanhene of Ntotroso, Nana Otwereko Ampem, expressed worry over the occurrence because according to him Newmont has not issued any official report on the first incident that happened earlier this year.
The Omanhene expressed grave worry over the latest occurrence of the dead fishes because the river joins the Tano River which serves a major drinking water for most communities in Brong Ahafo.
He therefore advised the communities that reside around the river to be careful when fetching and using the water until the laboratory result has been brought out.
In an interview with the Communication Director of Newmont Ahafo Mine, Agbeko Azumah, he confirmed the story and said they suspect the heavy rains on Tuesday night might have killed the fishes.
He said samples of the dead fishes and the water had been taken to the laboratory and has invited the EPA officials to access the situation.
He therefore called on the community to give them two weeks to finish with the laboratory test so they will know the real cause of the dead fishes.

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