Mampong Vocational Technical School appeals for new campus

The Mampong Senior High Technical School for the Deaf has appealed to the government and philanthropists to help the school to relocate to a new site.

The school is located on two campuses with dormitories separated from the classrooms and the students have to cross the main Mamfi/Aburi highway from their dormitories to school.

As a result of the hearing impairment of the students, they are sometimes knocked down by vehicles when crossing the road to school and between 2009 and 2011 four students were knocked down and wounded by vehicles.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Emmanuel Afenu, made the appeal when the chief of Mampong-Akuapem, Nana Kwame Otu Darte III, visited the school as part of his second anniversary of his installment to find out problems facing schools in the area.

He said 55.5 acres of land given to the school by the chiefs and people of Mampong-Akuapem in the 1990s for the relocation of the school had been reduced to 29.8 acres as a result of encroachment.

Mr Afenu said the lighting system in the school was poor and parts of the administration block, kitchen and woodwork shop are without electricity following a fire outbreak in July 2009.

Nana Kwame Otu Darte appealed to telecommunication companies to assist to rehabilitate of the school.

He also visited the Mampong Presbyterian Senior High School (PRESEC) and the Demonstration School for the Deaf.

The school, which has over 300 students, was established in 1975 purposely as a secondary vocational school but has not seen any major rehabilitation and most of the equipment used to teach the student have broken down.

The Clothing and Textile Department that serves about 70 students has only three sewing machines. The Catering Department has no utensil, burners and ovens for practical work. GNA

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